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Drugs and Spirituality

I don't know what the big deal with LSD is. I’ve had people tell me it was a life altering, enlightening experience, with other people telling me it was a nightmarish hellscape they couldn’t escape for 12 hours. For me it was an excuse to sit outside and giggle for the better part of a day. I want to say it was profound but it really wasn’t—the most interesting thing that happened was seeing vaguely face-shaped clouds form in the sky. If that really was some spiritual entity trying to communicate with me (doubtful) I would feel pretty ripped off that it wasn’t a little more abstract. How annoying would it be if the divine revealed itself to you in the form of a cloud that looks like a face? Let’s see some goddamn miracles

For what it’s worth, I don’t think divinity reveals itself to people very often. Conceptualizing something so far beyond human capability is hard enough without mindbending violations of the physical laws that govern the universe. If you do actually manage to encounter something from the plane above ours, getting there through psychedelics is basically cheating. Wow you smoked DMT and saw some crazy shit? That’s cool dude I hope the trip was worth the empty void in your soul from the lack of actual accomplishment. You saw biblically accurate angels and they told you the meaning of life? No you probably saw demons from hell who decided to fuck with you

The most spiritual encounter I’ve ever had came from a dream during a time where I was furiously angry pretty much all day every day. I was floating in a dark red mist in a place without physical matter and met an entity composed of pure rage who very sternly told me to stay in my lane. I was not supposed to be there, in that realm of anger. The emotions I was feeling had taken my consciousness and elevated it to the place from which we derive our souls, and I was being doled out a little bit too much anger and was being cut off. I felt a physical snap in my mind and I’ve never been anywhere near that angry ever again

I didn’t meet God, obviously. I met the personification of wrath, a booming voice in an infinite plane of furious mist. It spoke from all directions, in a language I didn’t understand, but its intent was perfectly clear: go away. Every time I try to picture it, a gorilla comes to mind, baring its fangs and pounding its chest. A very primal reflection of man’s deepest, most animal attributes. Maybe it was all symbolic, the Superego disarming the harmful intentions of the Id. If that’s true, the Superego needs to mind its own fucking business

Is being really angry as a method to encounter the unknown also count as cheating in the same way as doing drugs does? I don’t know. I’ve been smoking a lot of weed lately and reading about the spiritual significance Rastafarians attach to it. I think they just like getting high, frankly. If there truly is a drug that puts you in touch with God, I assure you that marijuana is not it. I think Rastafarianism in general is probably the silliest religion in the world, probably tied with weird feminist abortion wicca where they hex the moon and right-wing politicians. Those girls are usually really hot, though

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