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Why the British Empire was Bad

It's a difficult pill to swallow: the British Empire was bad for a multitude of nationalistic reasons. The mass Anglicization of the world (obviously also a side-effect of American media) has devolved the English-speaking white man to a non-identity of wholly “generic human.”

Even the Arabs, with centuries of endless sectarian violence and dialects that have shifted so far to be nearly unintelligible with each other have managed to foster a pan-Arab identity that transcends national borders, but English people have gone so far down the rabbithole of exceptionalism that we've rolled over the cultural speedometer, and declared ourselves as unexceptional as possible.

What small differences do exist between Anglic populations are flanderized in the media to the point that people don't even recognize them as English anymore. Scots, who are probably less distinct from Englishmen than Bavarians are from Saxons, have managed to convince the world that they're an oppressed, conquered people and that their independence movement, which bravely demands that their leash be handed over from London to Brussels, is a justified act of enlightenment in the face of unwashed English ignorance.

Of course, when they don't toe the line of globalist neoliberal rightthink, emerging (or existing) cultural enclaves in the Anglosphere (American Southerners, for example) are derided as regressive white supremacist movements, unjustly coopting the language of oppressed peoples so that they might reestablish some kind of semifeudal slave state in North America. Being Scottish is okay, being Southron is subversive.

Going back to the British Empire, it accidentally (through geography) established around half-a-dozen “distinct” Anglic countries throughout the world, artificially propping up essentially identical people and telling them they're separate from one another, while those new countries stifle actual cultural enclaves as much as they possibly can. Each of these countries demanded home rule as a way to enrichen a domestic elite class desperately trying to emulate British aristocracy, but failing in all but the most superficial ways.

What these countries have become are shambling behemoths, continent-spanning empires of people who are less and less considering themselves a people at all, instead opting to operate as experimental melting pots/mosaics of every other culture on the planet.

The rationale being, as I said before, that exceptionalism has given way to genericism. English being the kleenex brand of human tissues, something that must be enriched and spiced up lest we make the tremendous mistake of noticing that we do have a native culture, actually.

By conquering the world, which we did once under the Union Jack and a second time under the Stars and Stripes, such a mark has been left that anything that deviates from that Anglic wonderbread existence is exotic. High culture, then, has become no culture at all!

Those daughter nations of the British Empire, places named for geographical regions (“Australia”, “South Africa”) or systems of government (“United States”, “United Kingdom”) rather than nationality, are the prototypes for the inevitable mishmash one-world-government of tomorrow.

You'll speak the human language and be a resident of North American District No. 2, citizen of nowhere, culture of nothing, and the British Empire is almost completely to blame.

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