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GamerGate Derangement Syndrome and the Neoliberal Status Quo

I've seen more than one person (and news site, for that matter) acting like Gamergate is the genesis of every political movement they've disliked for the past ~6 years.

I think this has to be some cognitive bias or other delusion.

Yesterday in my server I mentioned the “end of history”—these people probably legitimately believe that the Obama years were the perfect idealized version of America and that this still exists in Europe and Canada today, with Trumpism dismantling their utopian neoliberal world.

They see Gamergate as being the first “movement” that revealed the cracks in the Obama world order (which didn't actually exist but you have to remember how America-centric these people are) and they are WILDLY resentful because of it.

So they start crafting conspiracy theories about how Russians/Bannon/Trump worked together to sort of fan the flames of Gamergate and mobilized the small group of retarded gamers who gave a shit about games journalism, and somehow those people are the equivalent to Harry Potter/Marvel/Star Wars villains because they are incapable of contextualizing the world through any other lens.

It's kind of scary how many people just eat that explanation up, that history was over until the 2010s and cause-and-effect doesn't start until the cause is something they've personally witnessed.

As if everything was following a script until then.

They also seem willing to allow any overreach of power to ensure we get back to that script, the same people who were radical free speech advocates (because it was their speech that needed protecting) are now applauding Twitter and Facebook censoring people arbitrarily.

They think if they just get rid of all the hurtful opinions they can get back to their comfy script and not have to think about instability or deal with the unknown.

But obviously it doesn't work like that, stability is the exception, not the rule.

It used to be that the goal of forest fire management was to stop fires from happening altogether. But, they came to realize was that natural forest fires are necessary to clear out dead underbrush that wind up being kindling to much larger, uncontrollable fires.

What these people are doing right now is “managing” instability by stopping any from happening whatsoever, but what they're going to find is that all they're doing is adding fuel 'to the big one'

Whenever it happens.

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