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Nova Anglia

Medieval sources tell of a great Saxon fleet fleeing England after the Norman Conquest. 350 ships, led by Earl of Gloucester, sailed first from England to Ceuta, killing a Muslim army and stealing all their valuables. They did the same in in the Baleares before landing in Sicily.

Upon their arrival there, they were told that Constantinople was under siege by “infidels,” and set out to relieve it. Making quick work of the Saracen fleet, they were invited by the Emperor to be his personal bodyguard–to join the Varangians–but they asked for land instead.

Sailing 6 days north east from Constantinople, they seized coastal land around the Black Sea (now identified as Crimea), which they called New England–Nova Anglia. They apparently named their principal settlements “London,” and “York,” showing English creativity is eternal.

They invited, as the story goes, bishops and priests from Hungary, not accepting Greek rites. It's said that their descendants, in one form or another, still live around the Black Sea.

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