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Rules For Inglisch



Basic Rules for Babbies

Most of the letters are phonetic and intuitive to pick up but let's go through the letters that are different from normalfag English:

A by itself ALWAYS = cat, the A in father is replaced by O

I replaces ee as in spleen sounds

J replaces y as in you sounds

Y replaces oo as in noon sounds, kind of like in Swedish

X replaces ch as in loch sounds (now you can use this spelling reform for German too!)

New Letters:

Ä = the same as English E (more on this letter in a minute)

Ö replaces the oo sound in book

Å replaces O when you round your lips before saying words like or and whole

Þ replaces the heavier th sound in path

Ð replaces the lighter th sound in this

Big Boy Rules


Ei = Pie

Äi = Pay

Sch = Shave

Dsch = Jungle

Double consonants:

Just use common sense when deciding whether to use double letters. If it feels like you're saying the letter twice then put two letters, if not then use one.

Miscellaneous Rules:

If a word as multiple e sounds in it then use ä to replace the one with the most stress on it. Detrimental = Dettrimäntul

If a word ends with an “uh” sound like piñata then replace the last letter with an e like in German. Now it is spelt pinnjode.

Ol dun!

Kungratz, jur spelling iz no longgur krindsch.

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