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129 New Years Meditations for 2020

Twitter as it stands now is the only social media platform to be a stepping stone for memetic virality. Imageboards have been a relic for a long time, 2020 will likely see them relegated to the coffins of BBS and IRC.

Discord is better than IRC ever was or could have been, look past the deviants that uniquely populate the platform and the tools at your disposal are more endless than any IM program to date. The most important thing to do in the Kali Yuga is to plan, communicate, and group up

There used to be a race of Pygmies, likely related to the Negritos of the Indies, on the mainland and especially islands in Australia. They were genocided and hunted to death and eaten by the Aboriginals. This is all in recent memory and is largely ignored

Inbreeding is how the clade genesis works and without it genetic diversity would not exist. Inbreeding is the breath in, out breeding is the breath out. All things are balance in nature.

This is likely the reason that mixed race couples have higher rates of sexual abuse towards their children than otherwise. Their biology is telling them to create a new clade.

Speaking of nature, through all recorded history bisexuality has been the norm. Whether it be male bonding in the hypermasculine warrior cultures or the female bonding between wives in harems of powerful men, there will always be losers and winners. If you don't reproduce? L.

The previous post is not a condemnation nor a post of approval. The fact of the matter is that humans have one part spirit of the Bonobo and one part spirit of the Chimpanzee. These things just are and there's no point in hyperfocusing on it.

Sodomy however, is wrong. Sodomy has always been thought of as rape even and something you do to an enemy. Sodomy opens your root chakrah that is responsible for spiritual protection, getting penetrated there especially repeatedly will allow you to be possesed and controlled.

For this very reason, Sodomy is the method of choice for elites to monarch mkultra mind control their victims and make them submissive and agreeable. The possession as I call it might sound unlikely but you likely know it by its other name, dissociative identity

Dissociative identities are egregores that possess people, just ones that are not powerful enough to leave the host body. This is the sole reason that celebrities are able to project so much power and amass suchba following, they are possesed, dissociated.

This wears off eventually though either through time or by conscious effort. This is why celebrities often completely drop off the face of the Earth, to them they were watching a movie with no control only to one day come crashing with your hands on the wheel. Who am I?

If you aren't paying attention to the developing field of genetic archeological and still post things about haplogroups when talking about race, you're stuck in the past and you need to catch up. Race realism has never been so easy and readily available.

You will never be able to vote your way to salvation, not for yourself or for your race. You can however vote your society into collapse. Through the fires life will birth anew, only through fire and brimstone shall noble man see salvation.

Violence is good, violence trains the mind. Violence is not inherent to malevolence, violence does not have to involve physical violence. Just like the campaign of war is seen in every square of life, not just the battlefield, so too is violence. Aim to be a violent person.

The Aryan concept of Hell is very mundane and is essentially just a waiting room with all your ancestors while you wait for the Yugas to reset. It is not a place of eternal suffering, those that suffer their Karma do so on Earth.

If you are a human alive in the Kali Yuga it is likely that you do not have bad karma. The souls that suffer the most during this cycle are the factory farmed animals. Be grateful you did not choose the same karmic path as them, and seek to not end up as them in ur next life.

The ancient nobility of every single east asian society that founded their civilizations on horseback were Aryans. Is the average Jap, Qorean, Turkic, Chinese an Aryan? No. Do Aryans exist in these parts, usually being high caste? Yes, they very much do.

The Aryans did not look like any race that we know today, and it would be more accurate to call them something like Hyperboaryans. Traits of their phenotypes pop up in all breeds of Man that were seeded by this legendary people.

I hypothesize the term 'Noble' and 'Freeman' which essentially mean the same thing if we go back far enough sprang up as a way to differentiate those who were free on the Steppe, and those who were enslaved by crops and sedentary.

The term Aryan and all of its derivatives in the Indo-European language were initially racial or at least tribal in nature. Aristocrat, Noble, Freeman, Aryan, Nomad all mean essentially the same thing. To have the spirit of an Aristocrat is to have the spirit of a Nomad.

Speaking of Aryans, let us not forget the man who directly brought Buddhism to China and indirectly brought it to Korea and Japan was a Scythian with Red Hair and Blue Eyes. Bodhidharma.

The reason many whites naturally feel an inclination to Japanese media is because the method of story telling is Aryan in nature and spirit. What we call “Eastern” storytelling comes directly from the Greco-Buddhist influence.

It's a shame that the East so readily and fiercely adopted the ways of the Aryans, while those closest to her genetically were subverted and subjugated by a foreign tradition.

Escaping duality is perhaps only possible with mind of an Aristocrat, and this is almost vacant in modern practitioners of Buddhism, Daoism, and Hinduism. For this reason alone, any Aryan should avoid teachers, gurus, and simply look at the original text.

If you can't break out of duality, if it seems literally impossible to you no matter how you wrap your head around the idea, if you cannot lay down in it, and you are of mature mental age, then you are likely a Hylic. There is no cure.

I am naturally distrustful of people who lack the ability to read the original text of things even in its mangled and over-abstracted English translations that fail to make any obvious first glance coherence.

Many of these people will defer you to 'gurus' who can interpret (Read: think) for you. A grand majority of people who identify with spirituality in this day and age are hylics following their egregoric thought leader, learn to discern Those Who See and Those Who Follow.

Electric Universe Theory is the most correct cosmological theory out there currently, and academic science is slowly admitting this in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Electric Universe is where Spirituality and Quantum Science meet. Once you understand the Electric Universe you understand everything that we would think of as 'metaphysical'. The truth is, it is just as physical as anything, there is no apartness between the two.

A diet of Raw Milk and meat from organic grass/vegetarian fed uncastrated animals will make you big and extremely healthy, regardless of your genetics.

Avoid grains and any food that can be made into gruel, but seek out root vegetables like Potato, Carrot, Radish, and Rudabaga. Always ensue your food is Organic and grow your own if you can, root vegetables are some of the easiest to grow! Lest you eat round up potatoes

Your ability to digest meat raw is entirely up to your genetics, and I would not play with the idea unless you know your body well. Rare and a little raw inside good, steaks can be eaten safely as long as the outside is cooked. Milk must be raw.

Everyone wants to go back to when the Saturn hovered above the Earth

There are two types of esoteric twitter users. Those that spend their time reading about esoterica, And Know More Than You, and those that have experienced spiritual phenomenon There is no grey area here

Never trust those that preach dogma, meaning, or truth. Never trust those that seek it out and accept no less, they are spiritual hylics. The path to illumination is not one of Truth, Dogma, or Meaning. You either accept it, reality is paradoxical absolutely

If a world of uncertainty, paradoxes, and unknowable things doesn't suit your mental framework, the realm of codified religious dogma will suit you better. It will ease your soul, and make your existential anxiety cease, you weren't meant to do anything else but obey.

There are a myriad of different modes of thinking. Spatial, intuitive, instinctual, pictoral, abstract, and also verbal. Those that rely soley on verbal thinking are neurotic and have been psyopped to their very core from television and media reinforcing the 'monologue'

My opinions and beliefs change and are drastic fluid, if you are dogmatic and close minded you will never make it. Ironically those who say they are open minded IE Liberals are usually the most close minded, but alt right people are still extremely susceptible.

Iodine, Zinc, and meat from uncastrated male animals for T gains. Iodine is found most often besides stuff like seaweed in raw milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Women are more linked with the Element of Earth and Moon. While men are associated with the Sun and Saturn. Women are closer abs more in tune with our material aspect, while men are more in tune with the metaphysical

Paradoxically this makes men seem more materialistic and women to be more spiritual, but it is the exact opposite. Though like I've said before there is no separation between these two, it is not dualistic. The physical and metaphysical are moot distinctions

Skin colour, eye colour, and hair colour all has significant metaphysical meaning. The lighter these things are, the closer you are in tune with the Solar element, inversely the darker the more in tune you are with primal earthly elements.

Browns can retrace their steps 50k steps with no GPS but will never write a magnificent work of true art. All esoteric traditions stem from what we would consider white people, and only through the lower orders has dogmatic religion popped up to fill in the IQ gap

Traditions are meant to change, this is best exemplified by the Wheel of Dharma, Sun Cross, and Black Sun. All derivatives of the same symbol: ☸️. The wheel turns and stays the same, but what part of the ground the wheel is touching changes, and every cycle leaves its trace

On the subject of Traditions changing, CRISPR Is revolutionary and is currently changing the way the world works. The Tesla of CRSPR is alive right now, let's hope he isn't murdered or put in jail.

Pray for collapse but always brace for prepare 4 and embrace progress. Accelerate it, if you will. If you and like minded individuals do not use CRISPR for good, the Chinese will use it to make Chinese Master Chief. Nobody wants that, but they're already doing it as we speak.

So many people will read my posts and sense some sort of hate let me be clear, I do not hate anyone. When you separate yourself from duality you free yourself from such petty things, liberals thing this means loving everyone, but this is so far from it.

On the subject of duality, there is no shame in accepting your place in the world. T50, Goo Groveler, Plasmid Miner, Street Sweeper, Saliva Sucker, Rock Smasher, whatever your Karma in life is, accept it. There's no shame, and you only create negative energy by ignoring it

'Negative' and 'Positive' energy. What do they mean? How are they not dualistic, you might ask? There's a common trend to associate these with bad and good, though these concepts do not exist as there is no state of separation between them.

Women tend to be of Yin energy, that is to say 'Negative'. Women are not bad, and men are not good because they are associated with the Yang element which is 'Positive'. One cannot exist without the other. It's Positive and Negative not Positive vs Negative.

If this concept is hard, if you can't process the difference between duality and plurality then you need to meditate on it, remember if you are actually a Hylic there's no shame in admitting and accepting it, in fact its honorable to do so and you should always be proud.

Just like Man-Haters tend to be Lesbians, Women-Haters tend to be homosexuals. If you hate Women and by that I mean you hate the aspect of femininity, you are likely a genuine homosexual. There's no shame in this, but you shouldn't pretend otherwise

Many men seem to hate women for being irrational, immature, or not 'serious' enough. This is a mistake and your brain is poisoned by believing men and women are the same, they are not. Men and Women compliment each other, if you can't love the differences something is wrong.

If you are one of the puritan LARPs who follows me, make it a resolution in 2020 to do something that goes against your modern puritan moralities. Smoke weed, fuck a slut, steal something, are you really free? Are you the master of anything? Yourself? Ask yourself!

How should you enter this New Decade of Ours? 'Anything Goes' by Cole Porter. This song I think perfectly exemplifies the decade we are entering. Anything goes, it really does. Don't forget that

Nobody will lead you to Truth but yourself, and you will never know it. The second you think you have found the Truth, the second you stomp your feet in the ground and declare that you are right, all others are wrong, is the second you lose your humanity

This is however not saying that you should not defend your ideas, or bombastically and arrogantly present them. If an idea presents itself and can hold its weight as a Strong Horse, it rightfully should be taken interest in, whether or not it holds up to rational scrutiny

Marijuana is good actually, though it is genetic and this cannot be ignored. Scythians and their Soghdian and Bactrian cousins were hempophiles in every aspect. Let it be known that Indica is the Aristocrat's choice, and Sativa the Warrior's.

If you are lazy on marijuana and have no motivation to do anything, then your reasoning for doing things before were entirely ego oriented. Marijuana pacifies the super-ego, if you are unable to function without this, you are a slave to your ego. Break free!

Fun Fact: In the early 1900s California was gifted a ton of these trees by Australia. At the time Australians had literally no idea that they did this, as it takes roughly 100 years for this to happen. The CA wildfires largely are because of this.

Adding to this, both are incomplete without the other. You cannot have Winter without Summer and so to Night without Day, the same goes for all things. I cannot stress this enough, you must free yourself from duality.

If you genuinely have no chance of ever procreating or think you should not because too dysgenic, it is not shameful to admit this and become a eunuch. Do not expect envy, but perhaps you may think yourself an ascetic.

If you do not pass on your genes, you will simply reincarnate as someone in your familial genetic grouping, that is if you don't fuck up this life too poorly and bring your vibrations down so much you become one of those Chickens at the Tyson factory

If you are a male and wish to reincarnate as a women, do not have children, or if you can choose do not have a male! You will have a 50% chance, but if you have a male son you have completed the conditions for securing your rebirth as a male on your paternal line.

You should listen your gut when it craves certain foods. Don't be fooled though, craving salty fast food might be an iodine or salt deficiency, craving french fries in particular a Potassium deficiency, yogurt and sour cream a gut biome in need of pre/probiotics.

Want to gain a superpower, do this: * Find a book about something you disagree with, read it. *Find someone you detest, find one point you agree with. *If you're an atheist, pray. *If you're a Christian, study Dawkins & Hitchens. Dogmatism is a weakness few realize this

Intuition is the highest of all senses, do not be fooled tho. There R many kind of intuition, and men and womens intuition is not tuned the same way. Neither is correct, but both R unique and lead to differing realities. Only with intuition can u understand that which u can't

While you should listen to your gut, and you should keep a diverse diet, the anti-nutrient content of grains and vegetables cannot be discounted nor ignored. It is likely many middle aged ills are from the body's inability to deal with the millions of cell paper cuts.

Meat, Fish, Dairy, Eggs, Fruit, and arguably Fungus are the only types of foods with little to no anti-nutrient properties for humans. It is not necessary nor expected to eat only these, but if you did it would surely be virtuous, and you would surely thank yourself

Because the Nature of the world is Quantum, it is imperative to retain levels of optimism that are unrealistic. The trick to this however, is to not be attached to the optimism. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen, but never project the worst, project the best.

So much advice that is true does not ring true nor can it for those who have not experienced genuine ego death and ego rebirth. Being optimistic means being attached, this is okay but it is not ideal, and they can be helped to be free from this suffering even if Hylic.

We often idolise the Aryans who conquered and colonised, but the most Aryan of the Aryan were those crazy monks on the ancient Silk Road. From Daoism, Buddhism, Vedism, Zoroastrianism, they connected their tradition as far east as Japan and as far west as Britannia

I hope there are things in this thread that you disagree with, likewise I hope there are things you agree with. I hope there are things you will think about more

Do not use dating apps or anything for finding love. We do not live in the 2000s anymore, the ratio of males to females online is even. You will find a gf by embracing your autistic niche interests faster than trying to be a 'chad' for whores on tinder

I know guys with confidence who collect funko pops and are obsessed with pokemon and other childish shit who pull in girls because they're extroverted online and in real life. The people who complain to me about relationships have no presence anywhere, EXTEND YOURSELF!

Females have autism and fucked up hormones just like men. You realise that, don't you? Do you have empathy, not sympathy not pity but do you have empathy for your fellow aryans? Females get childhood antibiotics, c-sections, jealous mothers, maliciously groomed just like boys

With this in mind, do you really think every female is a dumb bimbo stacy broad? Really? You like funko pops? Great man you're cringe but you have more of a chance getting a gf if you're PRESENT and CONFIDENT in your cringe more than the faceless nobodies lifting weights

Don't settle. Unless you are TRULY ugly inside or outside CONFIDENCE and being a PASSIONATE person is all that matters, pursue your PASSION even if cringe. The ideal gf for you probably DOES exist, but only if you pursue your OWN interests, not others.

Don't get arrogant though, never expect a girlfriend who is perfect. You make mistakes, so do women. We are humans, relationships and love are about compromise. We live in the easiest time to find the closest thing to what you'd call a soul mate in the entirety of humanity

If you want a wife you must respect the woman you are intending to marry. If you're a misogynist to insane degrees you're just gay bro, women are children and that's why they're amazing mothers and fun to be around. Love them and respect them don't demean them either.

Obviously do not respect all women, but so many people think that the way to get girls is to be 'an asshole' but that only goes so far in getting a girl to want to earn YOUR respect, if she never earns your respect she'll never want to settle down with you unless traumatised.

So many people fail to understand there is a balance between being a psycho asshole and a loser beta simp. All things are balance, and love is war. Remember that

If you truly feel ugly of the mind or body, then give up. You lost, you are a loser. Give up and pursue your own pursuits, stop worrying about women. Give up! You shouldn't care, why should you. Fate ordained you! Who knows, that attitude might just prove you wrong though!

Blue eyes help you see in the dark, looking at strong lights will make you sneeze, and yellow lights will blind you much more than other pigments. Green eyes always have the genes for blue eyes as well, just an extra gene to code for the green pigment, so they are Noble too.

I'm grateful I do not have to wait for my steak to buffer, but in the future if you have rural internet you might have to wait for your food to buffer because of slow internet speeds and poor infrastructure. Something to think about

And if you Do want GF, then don't act like a fucking desperate LOSER. Look at your 'bro' posts on Twitter & GC, boo I have no gf, boo I want to fuck this asian girl, boo I'm a loser. Do you think you wont be judged? Do you think you're perfect? You're not! Lose the ego!

Like I said before, you do not find wife at Church, Bar, Tinder, or Bumble. You find them at the modern equivalent of social clubs. I hate to repeat myself but I need to hammer this home, do you like [X] Video Game, Fandom, Philosophy, Clique Etc? JOIN COMMUNITIES!

Myself and everyone I know who has genuine success with women(Ie: This person is like me, different enough to not be annoying, has similar interests but not too similar, get along, compliment eachother.) has met them in online communities, 4chan adjacent ones!

If you shitpost on a general in /vg/ about having no gf you are more likely to find a wife than you are swiping right on every single female on tinder, forever.

A lot of current makeup trends can be traced back to the Victorian era where aristocrats tried to imitate commoners. Noblewomen would imitate dark eyelashes of the less fair and rosy cheeks and glassy eyes of the sick. Zinc Oxide was used to accentuate their aristocracy.

On the macro however, most makeup tries to imitate the Eugenic Nature of Steppe Nomads. This trend has been consistent since the first Aryan horse nomads conquered neolithic peoples. If you have a noble eugenic face, makeup will do nothing for and make you less attractive.

A beautiful women may partake in makeup for the artistic act, but she has no need for it for looks. For the peasantry makeup is not an art style, but a cope, for those with disposable income but ugly faces it is both a cope and an art. Think about this.

Women who are afraid of going outside without makeup have not matured past the level of a high schooler, and do not have the confidence to be a good girlfriend or wife. Women should remember that just as they seek confident men, confident men seek confident women.

Femcels and beta females do exist, and these are the type of women that are pumped and dumped. Just because she has a cute face does not mean she is not a beta female. Females like this historically were relegated to harems and brothels, NEVER make one your wife.

Beta females are just like beta males. They can't become self aware, are pushovers, have an unchecked or underchecked ego, need constant reassurance, have no will of their own, and will make awful mothers and be terrible running a large household with many children.

Do you just want a useless wife? Are you really white? Do you want a household? Do you want to have the type of family that has a family crest? An estate? Will your pushover meek gf be capable of managing half a dozen children? What about even 1?

Things a wife should be objectively good at; Meal planning and cooking, interior design, educating, patience, compassion, cleaning should be relegated to a maid or a communal family effort (EVERYONE has to pitch in and do their part, and are rewarded).

On that note, children will resent chores unless it is done alongside a parent or compensated for. Parents must remember that children spend same time at school as they do at work, except with HW. Let them enjoy their childhood. And don't forget what it was like being a child

Chores are not rocket science. Your 13 y/o child does not NEED to put their own clothes in washer to live in the 'real world'. It does not teach work ethic, either. It is what it is: a chore. Don't be a puritan, and don't care about 'work ethic', only 'self care'.

Expanding on that, do not raise children if you plan to be authoritarian. It is only slavebrains that raise their children with an iron mighty fist, true Noble ppl do not do this. If you were extremely intelligent and intuitive as a child, your children will be too.

If you want your children to respect you, respect them. If you're a slavebrain, don't have children. If you're having a hard day at work, respect if your child had a hard day at school. Wat would ur Noble Steppe Ancestors think about U screaming at kids about dirty dishes?

Children often remember their past lives but they are not aware of this, talk to you children as much as possible when they are growing up. Write everything they say down, explore their 'imagination', it is likely a lot more than just that and they will appreciate it.

This may be controversial but sometimes e-girls just need empathy and compassion if they are willing to help themselves and want to change & improve. E-boys and E-girls of the Zoomer variety ALL have some degree of ritualistic modern childhood trauma inflicted upon them.

Thinking back to my Dysgenic Romantic vs Eugenic Pragmatic poll, the latter won out. There's a girl who would be your soulmate but something bad happened to her? She's a lil bit FKD up? As long as she can be as willing to compromise as U r, it can work.

For many e-girls, they have literally never questioned themselves. Do you understand this? You screaming 4 being roasties will not solve anything, and pure girls do not exist ALL girls are groomed into this degenerate modern culture, JUST LIKE US MEN ARE TOO.

I live in a CIA prison. A nigger runs my prison. In prison, the nigger tries to torment me. We can take away his knives by confessing, every day.

Do not baby voice children, they are far more cognitively developed than modern bias wants you to believe. Baby voicing actually stunts social and emotional development.

To be a dimwit is to be virtuous, to be a topwit is to partake in struggle, and to be a midwit is to be cursed, bear in mind, I'm a retard major

Many Eastern Religions put a premium on deep breathing as means to meditation–and eventually, enlightenment! Is there any surprise that the countries wisest to this are polluting the air? They wish to deprive the world of spiritual knowledge!

It was not part of their blood, It came to them very late, With long arrears to make good, When the Aristocrat began to hate. They were not easily moved, They were icy – willing to wait Till every count should be proved, Ere the Noble began to hate.

Their voices were even and low. Their eyes were level and straight. There was neither sign nor show When the Freeman began to hate. It was not preached to the crowd. It was not taught by the state. No man spoke it aloud When the Scythian began to hate.

It was not suddently bred. It will not swiftly abate. Through the chilled years ahead, When Time shall count from the date That the Aryan began to hate.☯️Take this with you into the 2020s.☸️

Hyperhistory is much more interesting to discuss, research, and interact with than any fantasy or fictional setting ever could be. The CIA classified the book 'Adam and Eve Story' which talks of the cyclical Armageddons of man. [Read it here](

It is likely that Saturn was the primordial sun of man, if this is not the case then it is likely that the current Sun is not man's primordial sun as recent as the Younger Dryas. All ancient history (“myth”) recounts this. Mythology is history, what else could it be?

I implore you to look at fields like astronomy, geology, and biology and read about them to their farthest conclusions. So many things we take as fact are predicated on dogmatically accepted guesses. We know truly so little as a species, but it doesn't have to be that way

Oil and Coal are renewable energies, and Carbon is actually good for the atmosphere & plants. Clean Coal is not a meme, Solar Energy savages the Earth. Despite this we should still abandon Carbon fuel & should invest into nuclear and quantum electromagnetic power.

The Pryamids of Giza and the Sphynx are much older than is currently accepted. Don't believe me? Look up the methodology of how they arrive to the conclusion and look at the competing evidence. The Pryamids of Giza conduct electromagnetic energy, is that an accident?

When a pole shift occurs, the Earth's crust likely turns temporarily liquid and rapidly coalescing. Oceans turn into mountains, mountains descent into oceanic ravines, cities are water level are turned into mountain cities. Tiwanaku in Bolivia is likely an example of this.

Carbon's defining nature is to replicate. We are beings of Carbon, and our wills are that of Carbon. 666 predates Abrahamic belief and refers to the knowledge of the Carbon Atom. 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons, and 6 Electrons. It is really just as simple as that

Like salt dissolves in water, so to does carbon dissolve in magma. All the carbon based matter on earth seeps into the magma, creating indigestion in the Earth's crust. This regulates life on Earth through Volcanic Eruptions which negate the greenhouse effect

Let it be none other than the Consciousness itself, to that is which all things owe submission! Understand nothing if only this! Through Conscious Desire We have invoked all Things. Let us then become the Master of All Things! This is THE praxis of all Aryan tradition.☸️

Vibrations and electromagnetic energy is something that I believe we have lost the sense for perhaps. The occipital bun it is known gives you varying levels of perception of vibrations(google visual snow), a remnant from the Neanderthals.

I do not stand with anything except being Anti-Slave Morality. I am not right nor left nor authoritarian nor anarchistic. The only thing I stand against all else is Slave Morality and the Hylics that propagate it & create adharma. I wish to usher forth Kalki into this world

Call me a Kalkian, a Kalkaryan. Call me kali/acc, say I'm of the Cult of Kalki. What is Kalki if not the Fire of Tradition? Is Kalki really an Avatar of Vishnu, or is Kalki an avatar of Agni? The cleansing flames of fire usher forth growth and rebirth anew, forever.

And what remained of the world overturned in war. And the slain carpeted the earth thicker than the leaves. And the rivers of the earth ran red with their blood. And the earth drank deeply and was glad. And it devoured their flesh and was glad. And lo! From Death; Life!

Julian Assange was murdered, 16.10.16. Every footage you have seen since then has been deep faked. Wikileaks has been compromised since before this, and the identification keys have not been updated and verified since before this date.

That about wraps it up, I hope ever has had a good Solstice and New Year. Like I said before, hope you agree'd with something, disagreed with something, and will look into other things. Aryan praxis is about questioning everything, and being genuinely open minded.

The only thing you can do for your people is guide them towards spiritual awakening. Not all are capable, that is okay. Those that are capable of seeing, should be encouraged and made to blossom. Nothing will help your people more than this, NOTHING.

Goodnight, enjoy the Twenties. May they be followed by Year Zero

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