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On Androgynarchy or Why You Should Idolise the Lion Not the Stag

The precision of the ages from Satya to Kali happens not just in the macro sense of pan-civilisation, but in the micro sense of individuality To observe and recognise this closed loop is ideal, to master and benefit from all its booms and busts, is preferable

You cannot look at it from political left vs right, but I would say you can look at it from a Yin and Yang perspective, whether you want to form that into Feminine & Masculine respectively is up to you, but the expressions of these in society are quite complex

Its really the very fabric of life, but they are not bipolar but they are also? What I mean by this is that there exists a point where there is a lack of yang and yin, being neuter. This exists too, as well as the state of both simultaneous yin and yang expression

Why this is important to understand is that you'll find the modern conception of 'Matriarchical' and 'Patriarchical' to be strangely warped from an innate Yin/Yang understanding of the world, and if you view it from this lens you begin to see the real picture

I talked earlier on this regarding mormons, on their surface they present to be a very patriarchical culture. Men with many wives, how could this possibly be anything but patriarchy! But it is, it is one of the most horrendous instances of matriarchal harpy society I've ever seen

And herein lies the complexity of yin and yang, presentation vs reality, conscious vs subconscious and how the Kali Yuga and the stresses of Post-Agriculturalisation and Post-Industrialisation effect the very unique human psychology

The Sky Father is also often called the Sky Mother as [@helioslogos]( wrote in a thread today, and this concept is important to understand. What you see on both the left and the right politically at least in the US is neither yin nor yang, neuther

This is androgyny and is what was expressed at best when Aryans were on the steppe, think of the Scythians. Men had loving wives for life, and the men and women both could fight and did fight and die in battle, they took on equal responsibilities, but womens nature wasn't ignored

And they were still submissive, they were the Yin to the Man's yang. But unlike in Industrial society where the distinctions between sexes become laughable and extreme (bodybuilders & bimbos) to points that only the decadence of industrial society could supply

So what you say of the Priest/Warrior caste is true, and this is what the original 'Brahmins' were as well, even what the Hyperboreans at their Golden Age were Noble warrior priests, in overflowing but in balance with both Yin and Yang and partners to compliment

For both the Earth and the Sky are both Mother and Father, and to understand this you must understand the nature of Yin and Yang and break free from seeing this as a duality and a state of separation By wholly embracing both energies, and cultivating them, can you achieve peace

Today we live in a sterile neuther society, with all the negatives of both Yin and Yang with none of the positives, they exist only as ghosts, as playful caricatures to overplay with no connection to the ethereal elements

I will bring up another old example of how the most Noble pedator have a few things in common; Neoteny, and low to no Sexual Dimorphism This is evidence of a balanced Yin/Yang, this is to say Androgyny is polar of Neuter, an influx of both Yin and Yang

I think I've been rambling a lot, so I'm not… entirely sure if I've fully answered your question but it was very hard for me to easily answer and I'm still not entirely sure if I've done so Ask away while I'm still cogent

As an added side note in regards to Matriarchy and Patriarchy, we have our compasses completely realigned societally We are not heading towards Matriarchy, we have heading towards Patriarchy Woah woah woah, hold on there let me explain this point thoroughly

Patriarchy is in the most bountiful benefit of the Female, and thus we see it as Matriarchy Matriarchy is in the most bountiful benefit of the Male, and thus we see it as Patriarchy Here we have the Paradox

Post-Industrial society has been remarkably in the benefit of Men, it is in fact Patriarchy Post-Neolithic society has been remarkably in the benefit of Women, it was in fact Matriarchy

The conditions set upon the steppe, or the manner in which traditional Eskimo, Khoisan, Injins, Indios, and the like lived, was much more in tune to a 'Androgynarchy' In this age and the previous, society and its functions have devolved into a primitive state of competition

This competition is akin to how prey animals act, because prey animals are naturally very, very insecure We are ping ponging back and forth culturally in both the macro (neolithic→industralithic) and micro between over grossly exaggerated Yin & Yang, 'toxic' is probably apt

And this is simply what it boils down to, this is the blackpill if there ever were one. Neolithic and Industralithic Society (Metaneolithic?) society, we are devolving into prey animals and its a rot that's not just effecting us but even the ones with the supposed reigns

This addiction we have is destroying us, but inversely it could be the only thing that propagates us to other planets & worlds, or it could also possibly extinct our species One could also argue that only with balanced Andryogynarchy could we successfully colonise the planets

There are many points to be made here and I'm not in the mood to talk on those subjects, but the core point to take away here is that society and its functions do everything in its power to make you a prey animal, and much of it is already done via nature

The single and only reversal to this, if it is even arguably beneficial (who is to say if it is, or if it is not? truly?) to return (regress? progress?) to this primordial antediluvian state, and if this were to happen, would the cycle just not simply begin again?

I would say yes, there is no breaking this cycle, and that is the lesson in most things, you cannot stop the precision of time nor the precision of the planets, nor the precision of the manner in which all things come done and undone over and over countless times

Do everything in your power to make sure that if and when collapse happens, you have the mindset of a Lion not the mindset of a Steer If you idolise the Steer above the Lion, you have already lost

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