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On Spiritual Materialism, Visual Snow or 'As is above, so is below'

There is a subset of people on Occult twitter that dove into the occult for aesthetic reasons, they like Tolkein, Warhammer 40k, or some other nerd stuff. They never really believed much of it, they just think its good to believe in, but would deny real spiritual experiences

Magic is real, we experience magic everyday. Is quantum computing not magic? What does magic mean? Is the paranormal not real? What does paranormal mean? What does occult mean? We meditate everyday, we feel ESP, and remote view everyday, but we don't notice we do, why?

Why is it the sole job of new-agers and other larpers to obscure real occult knowledge behind layers of cultic sophistry and woo-woo words, why can't they just be forthright, pragmatic, and frank?

Spirituality is innate to humans, its as simple as explaining social relations. Meditation, ESP, Remote Viewing, even connecting to the collective unconscious, utilising our 3rd eye, we do these things EVERY DAY. We're just conditioned to separate psychology from paranormal

Why is this? Who benefits? I'll tell you whos

Do you clear your mind before you sleep? Congrats you know how to do satanic void medtiation Do you ever get into creative trance states where ideas just come to you? Congrats you accessed the collective unconscious Do you ever get ideas and see people saying them 2? See above

Are you ever tasked with the job of finding something that you've never seen before, but just intuitively know where it is without further incidence? Congrats you did some sort of remote viewing

Do you ever feel people just have bad vibes? That there's just something off about them in a way that only a single sense can tell? Only to find later they had ill intentions, congrats you have baby ESP!

Do you ever see colours and patterns when you listen to music or while thinking about ideas, things, or people? Congrats you have synethesia which is a paranormal condition that allows you to visualise vibrations

Why is it then, that the entire occult circles on twitter are filled with people who seem to not even be able to 'Open their third eye'. Bro can you see images crystal clear in your mind? You have a mind's eye, congrats. Now turn the visualisation inward, boom 3rd eye

They act like these things are not innate to most people, they capitalise on the idea that THEY'RE the mystic guru and YOU are a lowly plebain who could never hope to be able to fucking VISUALISE AN APPLE IN YOUR HEAD or BE CREATIVE Spirituality has been turned into a snake oil

Do you have visual snow? Congrats you have synethesia you just never realised it you big brain dead dummy, you have latent psychic abilities wow! So do MOST PEOPLE I'd say only 33% of people are TRUE hylic, but the average mystic guru would lead you to believe otherwise

Visual Snow is Synethesia they are the same thing and most people who say they have Synethesia actually just have this thing called an 'imagination' or rather a 'minds eye'. Think of a person, close your eyes, focus on snow, observe the colour that forms from the snow

If you actually start to pay attention to the fluxuations of the visual snow, you'll start to realise its not random, and your subconscious likely has already learned this

These people are evil, vile, their intentions are malicious if not intentionally than indirectly because they only seem to keep you blind, and give them power. They are race traitors, they have no allegiance to their soul, and they are all spiritually suicidal

When they utter those phrases 'Break the wheel' 'End the cycle', they are against life, they are against all that is good an holy. They see a vile Earth, they see a world full of hatred, pain, suffering, and they want to escape, they feel bitter, resentment, angst, you can see it

You will never, ever break out of the cycles. Most people have literally no idea about occult paranormal spirituality, the more someone tries to say they know about it, the less they truly know. People who make firm statesments on these fronts are snakeoil salesmen

Here is what I have observed most of them do, they pick up occult books from their local weird witch occult book store. They transcribe the findings and pass them off as their own and incorporate them into their worldview in a very dogmatic superficial way

They do this all the while telling other people that this is the truth, they've EXPERIENCED IT, and they need to LISTEN to them, nobody else, surely not THEMSELVES, or their own INSTINCTS, their BODY lies to them, and so does their MIND. Fancy that! Well sign me up for ur Patreon

We are all trying to make it, we are all trying to understand. We understand little, truly, we are in a vacuum and our screams are not heard nor is there even but an echo. Do not trust swindlers who give you easy answers, the path of the Aryan is one of constant flux & adaption

It is for this reason that oral histories were preferred over written, for the written loses its context within a single generation, think about ten thousand generations. We know nothing, we are lost, we have little to no way back but forward, to do real research

Unlike many on here I was raised around new-age hippies, I grew up as a skeptical rationalist agnostic, even with a very staunch atheist phase before I read more into theology and became agnostic. I did not get here by reading occult books, I got here by falling down the 🐇🕳️

You do not need to turn to wiccan tier larping to find spirituality, there is countless of actual academic research that has and is being done on topics like meditation, hypnagogic trance states, binural beats, ESP(& prayer), remote viewing, and the like

God really is waiting for you at the end of the Sciences, but many of these people don't believe in God. They see God they think… Abrahamic Gods or they think I mean “Pagan” Gods, or some other nonsense, they have never felt god, its likely they are hylics and just larping

Feeling your consciousness expand is the only way to feel God, to feel the divine waters of consciousness. You feel it when you are a child, when your spirit is still conjoined with your parents, this is why young children cant separate their actions from their parents

You also likely feel this in dreams to some degree or another, and certain tribalistic unique feelings that make you feel empathy and love for your tribe/ethnicity is you feeling your tribal soul

Visualise nothing just close your eyes and 'focus' with your minds eye now imagine yourself looking inwards towards your brain, if you do this properly while relaxed your head should get lighter and might fall a little bit Congrats you unlocked ur 3rd eye

we just cant explain basic human spirituality so we pretend it doesnt exit for the purpose of social cohesion neolithic social cohesion doesn't work when you just 'know' that guy is bad, but have no proof other than your gut

Take what I've told you now take this knowledge and just idk… observe larpy accounts like that. You'll see the way they talk about paranormal psychological phenomenon is like something YOU'LL never be able to experience, when you likely do it EVERY, FUCKING, DAY.

Don't take the snake oil, in times like these its best to try to find genuine avenues for spirituality and inner peace Stay safe

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