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An Introduction To The Seen & Unseen Gods or "The Asuras and Devas"

The Unseen Gods - Asuras - Egregores

The Seen Gods - Devas - Planetary Bodies

Asuric Gods are Egregoric Gods, ones that have been manifested through mass belief as a conscious or semiconscious entity. These are real, one example of this is the Succubi(Lilith, Harpy, Etc) Egregore. Egregores can possess people and many psych disorders are from this.

Devic Gods are Planetary Gods, they are the Planets and Stars. They are living beings, or the dormant corpses of ones. Earth too is alive and conscious. Devic Gods cannot possess people but they are easier to communicate with. Gas Giants are dead or dying Stars (Gods).

Note: Devic Gods do not communicate verbally, but it is possible for an Egregore to talk for a Devic God, though it's possible for them to lie just the same. An egregore in your head is called a tulpa.

Tulpas are just dissociative personalities, but that doesn't mean they aren't a fragment of your consciousness either. If a Tulpa survives the host's death or end of usefulness and is able to project power outside, it becomes an Egregore.

Your consciousness is part of your familial consciousness, which is part of your familial consciousness, which is part of your tribal consciousness, which is part of your ethnic consciousness, which is part of your racial consciousness, which is part of your special consciousness

And so on and so forth. Me against my brother, my brother and I against my family, my family and I against the world.

Does this mean everyone must be nice because we are all streans, creeks, and rivers of the oceanic Godhead? No it does not, far from it. Evolution could be better described as Ordered Chaos, and that is the true avatar of the Godhead.

Think of the Godhead as a water source block in minecraft. Gamer moment.

In closing. Unseen Gods are Asuric are Egregores. Seen Gods are Devic are Planets & Stars. The Godhead is the fountain from which all consciousness flows.

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