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On The Polarity of The Autismo and the Schizo Cognition, Dissociation & Multiple Personality Disorder, and the Primordial Schizo-Shaman

So schizophrenia, what is it? I would say schizophrenia as a medical diagnosis is bum fuck so lets throw everything we know about this out the window and focus on my own typology

There are two parts of your primordial mind that fight for power;

  • - The Schizo Brain
  • - The Autismo Brain

The balance of these two results in what we wouldve called “Aspergers” The lack of these two energies results in what we'd call Neurotypical

Let me make this clear, these energies are not in everyone. Neurotypical people are not the balance between these two poles as is often portrayed but the lackthereof.

In this day and age I would say within American populations a plurality of people are neurotypical and also a plurality are non-neurotypical, neurotypical is not actually the 'norm'. Let's go back to the Schizo-Autismo polarity though

Schizophrenics as we call them now are people who had they not been possessed by egregoric entities would simply by Schizotypal. A type of mindframe that has no negative influences, and most people unless completely NT find themselves somewhere on the Schizotypal spectrum

What happens is the Schizotypal likely has a low psychic defense or divulges too deep into occult interests. In doing so he opens up his mind to let in entities which then power and fuel his 'Schizophrenia'. The problem here is not the 'Schizotypal' personality but it is the root

And let me be clear the the phenomena that Schizotypals view and experience is wholly real, every single culture in the entire world pre-neolithics had witch doctors, shamans, animist priests, etc. And they all passed down their wisdom and knowledge through oral tradition

Nobody considers the esoteric vedic scholar in India, the Buddhist Monk in Bhutan, nor the Evangelical Pastor to be Schizophrenic, except edgy ppl, but they ARE Schizotypal, this cannot be overlooked because its true.

So to recap I do believe these people are able to see beyond the veil so to speak, their interpretations are not always valid because they're still human, but the point remains

Schizophrenia most likely develops when these schizotypal people are like I said before or when they are traumatised and due their psychic ability have a MUCH easier time dissociating their identity and the personality fragmentations all go rogue and they lose it

This is not the same as MPD though, as in MPD the dissociated identity states actually take control of the person, in the schizophrenic the dissociated personality states are 'possessed' and not just minute reflections of the greater 'system' as with MPD/DID.

For the schizophrenic these dissociated personality states might as well be egregores or in most cases tulpa living rent free inside of their head, the best thing for many of these people to do would be to practice a lesser banishing ritual through commune with the planets

Here's some simple instructions on how to do that, anyone who follows me who has experience with communing with planets & stars should try this, regardless of if you're suffering from schizophrenia

Very powerful effects, don't have to follow instructions exactly, intent is all that matters remember this and you will never be lost and always be confident. Read.

So yes Schizo is a legit state and arises from Neanderthals, just like ADHD, Autism, and a lot of other 'disorders' that are really just disorders from the sapien-centric mindset. Yes I said it, sapien centric mindset. I'm the REAL SJW for the Neanderthals, and I speak 4 them

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