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Why You Should Never Box Yourself In With Fleeting Identities, or "BE LIKE WATER!"

I have always been very weary even since being a young child to identify with anything, some people ask me 'Sunny, what are you? What do you consider yourself?' They list out names of things youd see under someones name if they were to appear on television; I'll settle for madman

Once you have titled yourself, given yourself up to some pitiful noun, you have trapped yourself and your mind, if not in your mind but surely in the minds of others. In this box you will be trapped, what will you do? A box may be comfortable, but you will run out of air

Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? They ask, they ask, they ask. Why? For what reason? He who does not know himself, knows himself. He who understands that he can not be, but is, becomes. He who settles to be nothing, can flourish as everything.

He who boxes himself in, and attests that alas he has found himself has lost himself. He who lets others put him in a box has scarified his freedom. Only through the shedding of desire to find oneself, may one truly find themselves

One you are stood at an abyss, hopeless truly, this and only this will be the moment you find yourself. Knowing this, you must shed yourself and accept the eternal way, be like water, be like water, be like water. How many times do I have to say it? BE LIKE WATER

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