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A Short Piece About Me and my Rich Asian Friends

for me? its gonna have to be canada goose for bracing the winter, for going snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, snowboarding, hockey games CANADA GOOSE people this is all you need, its SWAG. its made out of the choice dish of my people, GEESE… very good :)

me and all of my rich asian friends accept me for who i am even though my dad was a white man, bc i wear the canada goose and have a 4.0 gpa so get fucked white boys

me and my rich asian friends like to hang out at starbucks wearing our canada goose jackets huddled around our macbooks watching trap dnb videos and really seeing what this whole 'youtube' thing is about like i said, its not easy being on the top of the world but we make due :D

me and my rich asian friends like to buy gucchi, ive been meaning up a hustle to resell the gucci after we stay in the line in the freezing cold in our canada geese jackets for 2x the profit but man i just cant cus GUCCI GOT 2 MUCH SWAG DOE u kno? fr.

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