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A Dialogue on "China Bad...? China Good...?" & How America Should Realistically Seek to Emulate The Modern Chinese System

my son:

do U support Judeo-Western civilisation led by men who wish 2 enslave and rayp U


do U support East-Asian paternalistic nationalistic civilisation and seek 2 emulate in the west

I can really tell when someone is an actual Liberal when they start talking about how evil China is.

China is an opponent, they are an adversary, but why is that? America is not run by Americans, the EU is not run by Europeans. Why is that? China is run by the Chinese though why is that?

Does them being the single greatest foe of Judeo-Western civilisation make them the average White's enemy?

Have you ever seen how the Chinese talk about Yids? Have your wondered? Do you ever question why you think Shanghai is the same as Mogadishu? Why is that?

Wondering if is in part response to wat i said last week if i were in their place of course i would advocate for the exploitation of enemy dissaray and chaos, yes china is order i realize. however i want my culture to be the one to take advantage and make our order out of chaos. i do not want to trade being israel puppet for being chinese puppet. yes chinese empire is all chinese. meaning chinese puppet states, would not be treated the same, and I would lose freedumbs. despite being part chinese you see. is my fear. no qualms with open happy relationship - Anonymous

Chinese hate is American bugman tier propagate, I understand hate for CCP. We need to seek to emulate how China is progressing and acting in the 21st century, we are lagging and they are not. We are so natural enemies, but they are not low IQ t*rds.

“there are many ch*nese in college dont like em simple as” - Anonymous

The ccp college kids are capitalistic bugmen but have you ever once thought about how our bugmen and bugwomen are viewed at overseas universities or on their soul trips backpacking across pakistan?

“Emulation would undermine our identity. We can do nationalism the right way for us. Asians aren't inferior, but we belong in our respective civilizations, and while China isn't evil, it has the capacity and motive to be a threat, especially to places like Australia.” - Anonymous

If we emulated china in Canada and Australia then they wouldn't be filled and ruined by the Chinese in the first place, do you not see my point?

How we should emulate China

  1. - Make welsh second class
  2. - Mass militarization
  3. - Natalism for Heritage Americans
  4. - Common language
  5. - Common religion
  6. - Deport non-citizens en masse
  7. - Single party state
  8. - Hyper Ethnonationlism
  9. - Affirming our might on the world stage
  10. - Influence foreign elections in our favour
  11. - Become an industrial hub again
  12. - Conduct trade deals and make everyone our economic vassals
  13. - Kick out foreign money lenders
  14. - Do everything in your power to make your average citizen more powerful than other countries
  15. - Conduct trade deals with third world counties and extract value from them instead of leeching money for no gain as we currently do
  16. - Make our internal economy unenterable, put up massive tariffs, make internal consumer goods cheap, and sell at excess upmark to foreigners

For the record the Anglosphere is being run like China already except its the judeo-western version instead of the Anglo-Saxon version.

We're the uiyghurs in this situation.

I just want to be the Han in my own country.

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