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A Post Meta-Ironic Thoughtpiece on Chiptune

DURING THE DAY I AM A VIDEO GAME CRACKER, at night…? i pursue my real passion: Chiptune Music

ive been makin keygens just to make ends meat for the past 20 years… but my real passion? going to the cyber clubs and playing my chiptune music while I dj… the vibes man… sims 4 keygens could never give me the same energy man

do you think chiptune music is the mind numbing equivalent to lo-fi for web 1.0 denizens? comment below on this theory

the chiptune clubs man i just get them and they get me people doin the robot people doing the dougie people listening away letting their ids fly listening to the sweet sounds of razor1911 and skidrow… the big guys. i hope i be like them one day

ive been in the cyber cafe for weeks now peddling my bytetunes and chiptunes… not many sells….. israeli chainlink is hard to come by these days… but who fuckin cares im just a run down bugged out techno toilet on the streets of manhatten-shanghai

the energy in this club man its just real its powerful i can see the auras blue green red black yellow the colours they're vibrant man its just a vibe you get into a grove a natural grove or rhythm as i listen to this man my ego falls apart get all my best ideas clubbing to chip

Every game has an energy Chris, for Fallout the vibe is much different from Sims 4. I'm not an artist or a chiptune bytesmith, but a translator. Translating the spiritual essence of Video Games alike from their essence into chiptune. I'm a video game technoempath

Dark Souls 2 Installer - Reloaded One of my favourite composures in the chiptune industry, it just works. Conveying the overt grimdark tones of Dark Souls 2 with the difficult and hard to understand gameplay. It's a masterpiece

While a Techno Artist may make what is in his head and put it onto mere computer code, a chiptune smithy translates the spiritual logos of video games converting its spiritual aura into raw techno dialectic music for easy listening

Chiptune in its purest form is ONLY Keygen Music titled only the keygen that it appears in, once. This is the first song a person will here when pirating a video game, and will set the stage for the entire pirated cinematic gameplay experience. It is an art form in many many ways


2 years ago
Keygen music makes todays “hip” music look like trash
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