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The Hoax of Anthro-Climate-Change, Renewable Carbon, & Earth as a Living Being

People who buy the anthro-climate-change shit think that the earth isn't a living being

Carbon makes plants grow bigger and then plants output more oxygen. WOW. Give a plant a steady dose of co2 and watch it cripple and DIE… co2 is evil.

China is in trials making plants gene edited with CRISPR that take in massive ungodly amounts of co2 and outputs massive ungodly amounts of oxygen

We are arguing about solar panels and wind turbines. BASED BASED BASED BASED.

Cant help but notice how china is more advanced than the us technologically and this climate change shit makes it really obvious.

I mean yeah solar panels and wind turbines are cool but like nuclear energy exists and so does CRISPR which has endless possibilities for energy production. We could create solar panels from gene edited plants.

Whole carbon debate is presumptuous to the false idea that oil & coal aren't renewable resources but they are renewable. Recent studies have shown shale oil dissolves in earth magma in a similar way that sodium does & that most of the magma on earth is “oil magma” like salt water

This is a driving factor of both volcano eruptions and instability in the earth's crust.

Krakatoa eruption put out more carbon then all of the carbon humanity ever has ever think about how earth is pretty much a self-replicating carbon planet? We're all carbon based beings.

Earth is a living being if it gets too hot then pressure builds up a volcano erupts shit fucking dies and the earth cools itself down.

How does it know if the earth is too hot?

hotter = more carbon = more carbon going into shale and magma deposits = more instability in the crust and likelyhood of eruption

Carbon is 6 electrons 6 neutrons and 6 protons. “Carbon” tax is literally these people laughing at your face for putting a tax on the very thing this planet is made out of that makes it a living being.

You cannot break this cycle nothing will stop this and it has very little to nothing to do with humans.

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