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How to Commune With the Planets

This is true, prayer most of all - best as recitation of verses. Gazing, such as on the sea, the sun, your land, and pacing and singing are also meditations. Working out and sport as well, eastern “meditation” is in reality only breathing exercise. - Anonymous

This cannot be overstated. So many 'rites' are but common every day occurrences or easy to handle objects

  • - Meditation is but positive dissociation and breathing
  • - The 'Third Eye' is but your mind's eye
  • - Astral Projection is but anomalous cognition
  • - Possession is but negative dissociation

Much occult knowledge has been openly hidden and rudimentarised into fields such as psychology and neurology. It is there right in the open, they just don't use woo woo words, and you're specifically programmed to not understand that woo woo words have scientific synonyms.

Prayer is just harmonic resonance, grounding yourself and then resonating in your mind's eye with the planet

  1. - Try this;
  2. - Calm yourself
  3. - Close your eyes
  4. - Imagine yourself expanding outwards
  5. - Feel your mind's eye flip into itself
  6. - Now imagine Venus in your mind
  7. - Focus on this and just focus on Venus
  8. - Now do the same thing with Mars
  9. - Now do the same thing with Earth

For Venus if thinking of 'Venus' doesn't do anything, try invoking Freya instead

For Mars try invoking Tyr

If you do it right, all of these Planets/Gods should feel different

You can do this with any planetary body though if they're not in our star system, not good signal

And that's really what you're doing, you're using your very real Mind's Eye to radio to the God of your choice

This isn't prayer how many know it

They will NOT speak to you using human language, but they will communicate in many other ways, get to know their feelings

Depending on where Earth is compared to other planets or if they're being blocked or cojungted, it might be harder to get an accurate read

The Universe IS electric, so take this into consideration when dealing with the planets and where they are comparatively just like wiring

You do not Worship these, they are beings just like you and me

They are Gods in every right, but just like us they are humble, and we ourselves through astrology make up parts of them, they are Family not rulers

Remember this in your interactions or you will not be answered

I will not expand upon what you're supposed to feel as to not influence anyone who tries this unintentionally

The meditative prayer state is changing the body's vibratory state of consciousness (GATEWAY Project) and then channeling your mind's eye electrically to a Planet, making you resonate and be 'charged' by her

Just remember, when you close your eyes and see with your minds eye, the way you interact with the physical world is non-existent

Intent is all that matters, if you INTEND to do something, that is what matters.

It is not like real life where you need to autistically follow steps, this is not engineering

You are not mind nor body when dealing with the spiritual you are spirit and soul and all that matters in this realm of existence is energetic intent, you are fine tuned naturally

(unless you arent and then you literally cannot do this at all and are a hylic)

If none of the words I listed click and you have no Roman or Nord-Germanic DNA, then try invoking others

Now again when I say invoke I don't mean say the word in your mind I mean imagine the words energy in your mind, idk how to explain if this isn't a concept u can do already

Genetic memory is important for this, extremely.

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