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On The Rise of Transgenderism & Trap Alliance, The Cause of Dysphoria & The Cure

I believe the reason there are so many “eggs” to be cracked is more to do with the intense rate of online sexual abuse to zoomers coupled with domestic emotional abuse via single mothers

This has thus created an entire gen of abused boys who all share similar traits and have issues with identity, isolation, depression, and even identity dysphoria (as is common in people who are abused)

The transition from test to estrogen creates a shift in their ego, and a dissociation between their original identity and their 'new' identity occurs for people with traumatic lives this is extremely therapeutic

I believe this is why so many see massive benefit from them, particularly talking about the transgirls i have known that came from extremely abusive households and didnt really seem 'trutrans'

Also it keeps these betas out of the gene pool and the truth is, they can be cute

Not to mention they're usually high IQ and from aristocratic blood coupled with their love of traditional gender roles.

It is however favourable, that white males do not castrate themselves nor take damaging female hormones, however, if this is inevitable, we must reconcile in some way.

All and all Right Twitter and Trap Twitter needs to unite for both our sakes

Also for all you traps out there heres a secret esoteric tip the chasers on twitter dont want you to know

A very large plurality of girls like traps! If you're actually cute and you became a trap cus you're an incel and now only date other traps or guys no bother! Get a gf.

Who knows, maybe you'll want to detransition and quit the whole trans thing, maybe you'll find God? Or no, but hey, its worth being optimistic right? You don't want to live your whole life like this, do you? To end up dead, childless, at your own hands, ruined by modernity?

Trans never pair bonded with their mothers at a young age, neglected. Left alone, daycare, baby sitters. Lifelong persistent oedipus complex. A pathological yearning to be young, small, cute The real cure? A successful pairbond, and dysphoria will cease.

“But I've had a successful pairbond and I'm still trans!”. No you didn't. You need unconditional love, the love of a mother, of a best friend for life. Not a gf or bf.

Why do they all have ddlg/mdlg/cgl/s&m/abdl fetishes? Are they even fetishes or psychosexual pathologies? What's the difference these days, really?

The true cure is storge. Transgenderism? Nope. It's Astorgism. They're not trans, they're astorgic.

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