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On The Cyber-Scythian Migration From Something Awful, to /b/, to /a/, to /jp/ to The Vast Cybersteppe or "Why it's a good thing most of 4chan's history is unwritten" & The Natural Supremacy of Shitposting Culture

Just realized what giant part of 4chan folklore is simply lost and people don't know about it at all… Post 2016 4chan has completely erased the previous wilderness, people can no longer find it… The pickles and office cougars greentexts, the an hero stuff. It's erased!
Neo-normies are able to access the new 4chan culture, which is a reaction against tumblr culture, which is a reaction against original wilderness of the 2013 era 4chan. It was chaos, insults, schizos, porno, doxing, supporting random bros, gore, fucked up shit… Truly a lost era

This is a good thing, normies shouldn't be able to access any of that. Those that experienced this, know. And those that didn't, don't. This is how it should be, 4chan died in 2013, and the culture was exiled. Now we diaspora wander, I don't want people pretending cus read KYM.

Is there possible that a place like 2013 4chan exist today on the internet? Or is it all relegated to discord groups now

Just as this culture transcended SA, and those site's before it, the Flame of Cyber-Antiquity Funposting lives on in all those who experienced who can light the minds of those like us, when we were young and we were dumb.

We have tried similar things with Chen^2, but the imageboard has lost its virility I believe as the fire of that tradition, and the fire has spread out to many different networks, however a fire is still a fire

This has not diminished the flame of culture but allowed its growth, the seeds are being planted everywhere Just a cursory look at my and Miya's part of twitter should tell you this spirit is alive, and well

On other sites it lives free, in semi-private discord servers, and closed BBS's, encrypted telegram groups, and world chats in MMOs, there is nowhere you can escape it online anymore

Many do not 'get' the culture, they can only mimic but for every 10 who mimic and grow out of it, 1 will 'get' it, and understand the fundamental daoist nature of the shitpost culture

Internet culture reproduces through stuff like this, the oldguard of many has become stale. They have accepted reddit ideas and dogma, so they do not seek to preserve the flame, only worship the ashes. Intrepidly they pass around screenshots of old, reminiscing

But there are mindwicks ready to be lit aflame yet their calls to inflammation go unanswered, for what? Because they think kids these days wont 'get' it? How lofty can you think yourselves When you only reminisce and don't teach, your culture dies Why celebrate death?

The unique cycle of the culture is gone, those of us that remember, remember well and it's engrained into our psych. A fastwire for connecting to the Cyberdao, is this what they meant by indigo children?

But the tradition does not die there, only the weak and beta millenial 4channers who have lost their verility and banally long for an age long gone. The fun I have had being a dickhead on this site outweighs anything on 4chan since 2016, HANDS DOWN

The culture has evolved, and moved. Are you a flag bearer of an active vibrant culture, enforcing its cultural norms and morality, or have you just accepted its death like a coward and molded into the new post-facebookian mesh?

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