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On The Cyclicality of Human Culture, Cycles of Irony, & The Importance of the Transcribing of Internet Culture and Mythos

Human culture moves at a rate of 1 Internet culture moves at a rate of 10^2

The single most important thing that any true doom prepper should do is transcribe INTERNET HISTORY

Internet history is more valuable to humanity than the entire library of Alexandria times 100 no I'm not joking, don't @ me

Because internet culture goes through cultural cycles at a rate unseen and unmatched in all of known human history you could put humanity at perhaps 3 civilisational cycles since the deluge. Since the dawn of the internet we've had 3 more

Online communities are the world empires and their entire cultures and people with their rises and downfalls and their evolution

If the internet is still up within 50 years from now online culture will have advanced I estimate nearly a hundred thousand years culturally if the internet had never been invented

The single most important thing you can do if you want to 'preserve cultural knowledge' is transcribe the actual stories of the internet from the googles to the smallest skype and msn and discord groups

Publish them on amazon get a physical copy get two physical copies.

Have anything interesting you've ever done online? write the stories, transcribe them, do something with them, publish a copy with amazon, get a physical copy.

the virgin bible, vedas, egyptian book of the dead VS. the chad history of my minecraft nation

Take the entire history of comedy now think about how internet humour has developed since its development

`unironic → ironic → post-ironic → meta-ironic → post-ironic meta-ironic → meta unironic → unironic`

This cycle has happened 3 times

`usenet` `somethingawful` `4chan`

You use your keyboard and you tell the stories as if you were telling them to your grandkids who had no fucking idea what you were talking about; that's it.

I guarantee people who went to Shakespeare plays said something to the effect of “Hes good… but hes no Plato.”

You should put them in a book, publish it, and then get a physical copy use amazon to your fullest advantage

Interestingly enough this cycle has happened twice on 4chan during its existence 12 years ago 4chan humour was where it is now. Slowly going from a meta unironic stage to a unironic LOL SO RANDUMB stage as more people mistakenly got the jokes wrong.

Once sophisticated internet humour reaches a critical evolutionary point of meta-unirony it collapses in on itself as a genre and quickly devolves into lol so randumb unironic humour

Meta-unirony is the end all of a cycle in internet humour its so outlandish that it makes the uninitiated laugh while also being so esoteric that people in the know still revere it despite its wide draw

Think about your small friend groups this cycle can happen even faster in the matter of months imagine a small group where nobody knows eachother they all have unironic humour as they get closer the injokes and humour become more self-referential and circlejerky

As time goes on they eventually get to the point where they're acting genuine to fuck with other genuine people but as the great Flandre Scarlet once said:

“Any community that gets its kicks from pretending to be idiots will eventually find themselves with idiots who mistakenly believe they're in good company” t. The Great & Powerful Philosopher Flandre Scarlet

How many times since the Pleistocene has that wise quote played out culturally? How many times has it played out online culture over the past 20 years? Does it even matter who originally said it? Is it true? If it is, then we should be paying attention.

If the quote “any community that gets its laughs…” was never said, you would call people stupid for stating it online. “That's obvious dumbass, of course that would happen” but no, this is genius philosophy level of insight.

The insight of modern people who obsessively use the internet is the genius level insight of enlightenment thinkers “duh retard” what other things do you think are so obvious, that nobody has ever written to pen?

One of the most incorrect assumptions of the internet age is “everything has been done” sure in a sense they have, but no one cycle is all the same. Look at the forest not the trees if you have internet stories write them down, save them, and print them.

All your collective spastic internet knowledge is eons above the amount of knowledge to influence sage wisdom that philosophers of old had. Do not be ungrateful for what you have.

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