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On the Importance of Debt or Stop Internalising Slave Mentality

avoiding debt at all costs is a poorᚠᚪᚷ mentality because to be rich you must first accrue debt. the modern 'student loan debt scheme' is nothing more than a form of egalitarian indentured servitude it gives ppl a chance to change castes and gives THEIR KIDS affluence

really honestly believe the “just get a trade bro go to CC” has been some of the single most damaging meme to the new right if it ever wanted to achieve any sort of relevancy wow the intellectual right is a bunch of plumbers who drink kefir, fascinating how much power is that

if you are from a poor destitute white trash area or family or upbringing with good grades and good ACT/SAT scores you're a fucking IDIOT if you could get into a top 50 school and don't cus of debt enjoy your trade! you'll always be destitute though

what people dont understand is that going to a uni is abt gaining connections and prestige

what people dont understand is that going to a uni is abt gaining connections and prestige

I've come to fully realise and accept that being poor & destitute is a choice, a conscious decision, one that a person thinks is temporary, only a minor backtrack, and then eventually they're 3 generations of living in trailers Get out while you still can!

The one trend I've noticed the most is that people choose to be poor when they want to be rich more than anything else, they cope with destitution by saying 'one day ill be rich' instead of acting They think they can get rich simply by penny pinching

penny pinching works when you are saving money to take out loans to begin a business or purchase real estate, ie preparing for a project that reaps profits penny pinching for the sake of it however serves no beneficial purpose

ive met many people in the south who think to be rich you should never get in debt, buy everything with cash, and never trust banks under any circumstances they think that once they're 60 they're able to afford that barn they always talked about, but they don't ever do it

banks are evil, yes, but they are your friend when it comes to businesses. many men have gone from rags to millions by simply taking out mortgages on homes, fixing them up within a month or 2, and selling them with a few thousand profit over and over

this is what actually intelligent people who can work the system do. imagine the person in an mmo economy who controls the market and uses real money to buy in-game currency, those ppl have much more power than YOU the person grinding away at ur 9-5 putting 20% away in stocks

you aren't going to achieve anything, yeah by the end of the game you might have a fair amount of money. you can have a house, and support kids for maybe 18 years, but you've left them nothing

destitution often begins when parents have no wealth to pass onto their children to help them begin accruing wealth themselves the infamous “my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars” rings true in this regard

liberals like to make fun of him for this, but ironically give their children the same opportunities and for GOOD reason

baptists who think their children need to accrue their wealth 100% on their own are abusive btw. (especially when universities dont give financial aid to any family making over $80k a year total gross net income !)

get a phd, hide your powerlevel. if you don't do this and can, you're not living up to your potential ive been putting this off for far too long i feel like as well, its been staring me in the face

ive long been blinded by my hatred for academia but i believe it is the time to delve into the belly of the beast this is the only way to create ANY sort of ripples, the only way

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