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On Anon Culture, The Fall of Digital Rome, E-Ego & The Groyper or "The Eternal Spiritual Redditor"

It's become increasingly obvious to me that the culture of anon has shifted more than it did from 2008 or 2012 or 2014. 2016 was the murderer. More and more I notice people use anon as an escape, a crutch, they go anon only as a means to an end and are still emotionally attached.

I genuinely don't understand how people especially those from imageboards can hold grudges or have this much obsession with their own ego.

These are the type of people who have burner alts to harass people away from their online ego who care intensely about their perception who post on imageboards as anon just for grifting.

For many anon has been a way for these people to not grow up I think they call typical imageboard critique and banter as 'eating your own' it's just a sad site to see.

If you ever used a filter on 4chan you're also a redditor.

Neo-4chan is nothing too brag about but old 4chan was the Rome of the internet and if you don't brag about it I know you weren't there and weren't one of us.

Seriously if you were there and see what's going on in the internet culture today and don't see old 4chan(not just the imageboard itself but the culture) as the IDEAL internet medium you're a redditor.

I'm going to brag about it;

  • - Because I'm autisic
  • - Because I am incel
  • - Because I am low IQ
  • - Because I am virgin
  • - Because I am normie
  • - Because I am beta
  • - Because I am robot
  • - Because I am cancer
  • - Because I know

Internet culture mogging is continuing the flame, it is a shame that attaching an identity to online comms has ruined the industrial machine of online culture. Through mogging and bullying of not just others but also me, of you, of your parents, can we grow.

During the golden age of internet culture 80%+ of the users were upper middle class white Americans the other 20% being mostly lower middle class white Americans

What changed in 2008?

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