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On the Ego & Duality: The Root of All Suffering

The biggest reason for the vast majority of the population being denied access to their potential is the control that one gives to the Ego


Latin word meaning: “Self”

This is the voice inside our head. It is only one part of the overall human “eco” system.

That voice is not “You”.

The ego is where intellect stems from.

Ego is the narrator of Duality. Its only function is to interpret the dual aspect of our experience. The ego is one part of an overall human “eco” system.

The intellect believes on what the intellect can prove is real. Anything outside the realm of proof within the perspective of the intellect is not real. False. Fake.

Ego's Strengths:

Problem Solving

Ego's Weaknesses:

Being still
Living in the moment
Feeling over thinking
Being collaborative
Being creative
Being empathetic

The Circle = Wholeness = ☸️

Flow is nature. ☯️

Going with nature, with gravity.

The experience of the circle: ☸️


Day and Night Cycle
Daily Work Cycle
Seasonal Cycle
Natural Life Cycle
Life and Death

Circle is totality. Encompassing. Complete. ☸️.

Duality is the state of separation, it is the opposite of reality and the cause of all suffering. Duality is the product of the mind. In Duality we split or divide life into right/wrong, good/bad, holy/sinful.

As a result our lives become centered around judgement and fear.

Pairs of Conflicting Energies:

Right vs Wrong
Good vs Bad
Happy vs Sad
This vs That
You vs Me
Past vs Future
Is vs Isn't

The thing that kills you is the thing that makes you feel alive. Every decision has a dual energy to it. Every decision has both positive and negative frequencies. The perspective of the believer dictates morality. The level of existence above or beyond duality.

Fear is the fuel that feeds the Ego.

Fear is Ego's go to weapon of choice.

The more fearful a person is, the more ego-identified they are.

A key step in stripping away the ego is rooting out fear-based thoughts.

Instinct vs Intuition

Instinct is programming we're boring with (Eating, Drinking, Fucking)

Intuition comes from accumulative experience.

Intellect = Thought = Mind = Ego

A fantastic tool but still limited

“The intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way”

We've confused “Knowledge” with intellectual comprehension.

Its focus is the exterior. Outside! Without!

Can you dissolve your ego? Can you abandon the idea of self and other? Can you relinquish the notions of male and female, life and death? Can you let go of all of these qualities and embrace the Way without panic?

If so; you can reach the heart of the Integral Oneness.

Zero : 0

Represents infinite space.
Infinite possibilities are available.
This space is the same for everyone.
It is the soil where the ideas are planted.

One : 1

Represents the seed of creation
The intention for the space
The centre point (focus) of the idea.
Sets the tone for the entire pattern of that creation
The root

Everything starts from nothing (0) First step is the allocation of its center (1)

Growth and expansion come from the center point. Each movement is an extension of the movements before (Non-Conceptualisation)

Creativity is always with you

Non-attachment. Wu wei. Be water.

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes.

You are free.

“What will they think of me?”

This must be put aside for bliss.

The Only True Message of Art:

Death & Sacrifice

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