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On Copyright, Intellectual Property, Extortion, UBI or "If The Author Isn't Dead, He's Extorting You"

“High-trust society went out with the private tracker” - Anonymous

In a true zoomer society the federal library association would host the public tracker that includes every work of art ever made for free, with your library card ofc.

In true zoomer society we will always have no such thing as intellectual property, no such thing as copyright. There will be a github “fork” like system to track the spread and evolution of culture tracked by a government agency.

Oh and we'll have UBI so “how will he survive off of his work???”. Moot point idort! Better learn to get more creative than AI's though!

How will people get CREDIT for THEIR work?! Get over yourself idiot! This is actually better because people cant just claim your copyright and get forever credit on something YOU DID.

Like it or not culture wasnt commodified like it is now before IP and Copyright Laws. I have the rights to a black and white mouse! Me me me! I get all the money!!!

If you supportt copyright/IP laws you're a hylic. If you're an artist and you support it, bad news you're a hylic which means its not even in your best interest to be for IP and Copyright because you've never had an original thought in your life.



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