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On The Subject of Fate, Luck & Consciousness

To be lucky, one must constantly be testing luck with an open and honest heart. This sounds like nonsense I assume but I think you will understand what I mean when I explain more

Fate, chance, luck. These things exist, and how are they activated

Well think of an MMO. If something has a 1% chance of happening, say… a dungeon has a rare loot that you want.

Naturally what you do if you really want it, is run it over and over

Doing so maximises your chances, now this isn't really increasing your luck at all but it is maximising your chances to cast that little dye we talked about before

While you cannot simply wish fate into existence, it does not simply come by desire

If you act on it though, at every opportunity, it will happen, you will get your chance

If you really want something to happen that requires 'luck' you simply have to roll the this dye as many times as possible, over, and over, and over

This is made literally, SO, FUCKING, EASY, on the internet like never in the existence of humanity has 'trying luck' been so easy, because to try luck you have to connect two consciousnesses

The reason I am thinking of this is because pemissism if what makes people 'unlucky' it is not so much that they are unlucky but moreso that they are taught to be so malaise they never even bother to roll that dye

I know it sounds really… mundane and maybe it sounds obvious but when people are at their nooses' end it seems like they forget this, and thats when it actually matters

I see too many people be in bad situations, an internet connection, and IQ over 110, and thinking they be hopeless

Nah it ain't like that, cultivate social spaces where you can be yourself, make friends, be a good person, you'll never be in true jeopardy

If you can't do this then you shouldn't cry when you're homeless one day with naire to go, just like being poor is a choice in many respects so too is being lost and alone in the world

If you truly are barren with nothing to lose, then why not try and just shitpost ur way to a better life?

I know it sounds stupid if you're in a bad situation but the best thing U can do in a bad situation is to try and develop pure and mutually beneficial social bonds

I sounds like a lizard when I say it like that so let me rephrase, BE NICE TO PEOPLE AND BE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE, be outgoing, if you make enemies make sure you make as many allies

You don't have to be stuck in a shit situation forever

Hypothetical: You are living in a motel, with a random stranger you met off CL. You are both destitute, and no family to go to. You use the internet every day in between work, but soon you will be evicted bc your 80IQ roomie has been scammed by a Nigerian

The correct thing to do in this situation is to look to your most valuable asset, honest interpersonal relationships with people who care about you enough to not want you to be homeless, and a couch to lay on

If you don't have this, I'm sorry but you don't actually have friends

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