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====== On Faux-Trads, The Rise of the Zoomer , 'Degeneracy' of Our People, The Demiurge, Qi, Fertility, Incels, Lookism & Positive Eugenics (Including Dialogue)

The faux-trad is falling rapidly out of fashion, browse any normal dissident right or left profile by any zoomer and you will find equal parts degeneracy and equal parts anti-semitism and a desire to [] international bankers

Do you support the old world or the new world?

This is the true boomer/zoomer divide, the non-wired denizen cannot even comprehend the ability for the zoomer to both be a degenerate yet truly and firmly be on the side of tradition, though the boomer doesn't know what tradition is, zoomers have felt it online

Degen! The boomer shouts as an Aryan zoomer in some cringe backpack with a gay pride sticker calls a Jewish banker a k%&$ n$&$#@ and beheads him

This is the future, press A to continue

I have seen more virulent and extremist anti-semitism and anti-establishment rhetoric behind closed discord and telegram doors where when not discussing that are talking about traps, hentai, and casual mogflirting between male members

Explain this phenomenon!

Perhaps one will come to find that the reason Whites are so easy to subvert with “degeneracy” is because simply put, it comes naturally to our race. So the powers that be hijack it and use it against us.

Only a truly degenerate race could spawn both the Puritans and Pozchasers!

The future is some genderqueer femboy calling you the N word while he sends Chainlink (INVEST!!!) to paramilitary groups deporting minorities from “Our Land” en masse and you quiver in fear.

This is not an embrace of this future, merely a knowing of what is to come.

Incel cringetrads take note people had sex thru ALL history because it was FUN NOT 4 “MUH PROCREATION” it generates QI and releases SEXUAL ENERGY there was NO CONTRACEPTION so children were products of FERTILITY and LOVE fuck anti-fertility anti-natalism death cults.

This account is pro-sex, pro-fertility, pro-virility and stands proud with true ancestral traditions of the european people NOT with anti-life anti-natalism zoroastrian death cults

We are GOD experiencing GODSELF. If there is a DEMIURGE we are DEMIURGE as well

The true demons, the true demonic entities are those that preach anything that tells you to DENY the basic GIFT OF LIFE that GOD has given to us.

Imagine the audacity to reject this paradise? Man as a fallen angel? MAN AS A RISING BEAST! We are CONQUERORS & PIONEERS not ANGELS!

I swear half of the fucking homo femboys are more straight and have more fertility than these dried up shriveled up partedwith-qi motherfuckers I see on here the worst part is they cant even comprehend having a relationship where they have regular sex.

LMFAO bro how are u going to pairbond without sex ur going to get CHEATED on you are a HOMOSEXUAL.

Ive seen this hundreds of times. Trad cath finds some virgin to date. Guess what the virgin is immature and PSYCHO. They cant handle her so they leave her after losing their virginity to them. Then they look for another virgin.


Then they do it again x4.

“I don't think premarital sex or divorce is trad. Bonding is my main concern as well. I assume you've seen the data. There's no bonding without virginity.” - Anonymous

Now break the data up and show me the average household income and the religions of those families this is a problem with our institutions and our culture, not “pre-marital sex”, you are looking at symptoms not the root. Islam has the right idea on this.

“Today virginity can be a trap because the girls who are still virgins after 18-20 are often just afraid of sex because they were molested or something and have a lot of deep-seated neuroses.” - Anonymous

This is a good point and the males that are still virgins at this point also have issues as well like it or not the current system we have IS eugenic its just not beneficial to many who find themselves living right now.

I have never met someone in my age range who is still a virgin who I have thought would positively contribute to the genetic makeup of our race if given the chance.

No you are not 'TRAD'. YOU ARE GAY.

Please, for the love of God, have sex!

Makes me cringe when people are so superficial they think that Chad and beta and incel are anything BUT mindsets maybe some correlation to physical traits, but its a mindset.

I'm sorry but this account stands AS A BULWARK against betas, incels, lookism, obese people, and liberals (redundant) and those of anoble birth. YU ARE DIRTY AND STINKY P-U!!!

Yes kings just mew you'll get a gf in no time you'll tell her she's a virgin and she'll be weirded out (ESPECIALLY IF SHE'S A VIRGIN) but thats okay u just gotta mew ur canthal tilt is on point today very, u got dis big man all that lifting is gonna compensate for ur apersonality

This is why bullying exists and why it's a good thing

Btw if you're a virgin male past the age of 20 you're a romantic, stupid, or poor if you're a romantic, w/e I'm not going to crush ur dreams;


A key that opens many locks is a master key, yet a lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock.

Oh and also, stop watching porn and consuming any media that is non-sexual but still pornorgraphic in nature, Reddit has capitalised an entire industry on xPorn built on the upvotes of consoomer coomers, don't be like them, walk the middle path.

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