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Why KALI/ACC Is Anti-Fedposting & Why You Should NOT Throw Your Life Away or "As is above, so is below! Karma follows all!"

The power of dharmic tradition is that it is impenetrable for feds messing with it. We know that the kali yuga will end, nobody has to lift a finger we cannot be psyopped into committing immoral acts, for we know the end comes naturally and being evil simply accrues bad karma.

But all these mass shooters are christians(yes, atheists ARE Christians) who think they're bringing about the end times or some other weird shit. Their worldview makes them believe that people need to be wiped off the face of the earth, while dharma explains that everyone has their karma

That is just how the world works. They are so dualistic minded, I could never understand committing grave acts of terror. and the cringe/acc people who support it are cringe nothing needs to be done to surf the kali yuga except just that, surfing it

That is not to say that you shouldn't fiercely defend yourself verbally, free speech is an inherent right of all Americans. I yearn for the rebirth of the american republic and the undoing of all the traitorous amendments, but this will happen in time likely without bloodshed

So many people are stuck within this limbo of either being super optic cucks afraid to name the khazars, or being like psycho 1488 people who get banned every week and genuinely advocate for violence (but never go through with it). Both sides seem equally controlled tbh

There is a cool middle ground where you can not advocate for violence but also not suck israel's dick and the traitorous american government's dick. Theres no reason to advocate for violence, what the siegefags miss is that the kali yuga will end no matter what you do

the true kaliacc acolyte prepares for the end by

  • 1. having kids
  • 2. learning self sufficiency
  • 3. moving far north as possible
  • 4. learning permaculture & animal husbandry
  • 5. learning how 2 ride horses
  • 6. communing with the stars
  • 7. stockpiling bic lighters


Seriously i cannot stress this enough ive had some fucking fedposting nutjobs message me weird shit. If you're not a langleyite and ur actually fucking fedbrained STOP IT. DONT THROW YOUR LIFE AWAY. GET A GF THATS WIFE MATERIAL GET IN A POSITION TO HAVE K-SELECTED KIDS AND DO IT.

If you throw you're life away instead of fulfilling your ONE, SINGLE, KARMIC DEBT of having children you are a COWARD and if you throw it away by needlessly killing you are an even bigger coward, simple as.

Shame to see so many good men get caught up in this fedposting shit. A lesser shame to see them caught up in this opticscucking shit but at least they arent throwing lives away.

You can tell that the dharmic tradition scares the fed-posters because a few months ago when i dared speak against the fedposting mantra of 'whites will die in 20 years if we dont x' and said actually, whites will never die out they all spit vitriol at my whitepilling, why?

I said many whites are having kids, the zoomers are actually pretty woke and there are lots of white communities springing up all over the world whites have always historically been a minority worldwide, but we'll never go extinct there is no planet of the apes future.

The only other people capable of living in the arctic circle are Eskimos if push ever came to shove, remember that

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