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On The Orangutan Flange

In Orangutans the presence of multiple males delays the development of Flange Growth (wide faces) which doesn't allow them to do their mating call, they can still mate but if a dominant male is around it triggers estrogen production in the males making them not want to mate

So, unless you are a male orangutan right at the top of the social pile the chances are that you will not be attracting any female attention at all. Any opportunity to do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel will have to be conducted furtively and with some force
– the ladies are not going to be willing partners. You could move away and establish your own territory far away from other males: this will trigger flange growth eventually. That might just work:
Once you develop physically then your throat patch will produce a growl which can be heard a mile away and the females will come flocking. Or you can stay put and hope that the old, alpha male, kicks the proverbial bucket and then, perhaps, your chance will come.
You might think that perhaps it is down to testosterone levels – those big guys with the huge flanges must surely have much more of it pumping around than the others, surely? However, the levels in flanged and non-flanged orangutans have been found to be the same.

I think the way flanges work in Orangutans is really similar how to how human society works except we simply don't have flanges on our faces.

Would be funny if the lowered sperm counts in agricultural societies wasn't even environmental from BPA, or tap water, or literally anything besides deep great ape physiology from our primeval past would make a lot of sense too.

Would def explain why cities always become filled with feminine men. we say BPA and shit is the reason now, but why like every other urban place in history? Idk, maybe BPAand all that shit is just a cope to overlook our inability to cope with our domestication.

If only we fix x y or z then we will save 'masculinity' but the truth is maybe its the result of overpopulation and population density and oversocialisation, maybe the only solution is billions of human souls perishing what then?

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