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How Do The Birds Keep Formation? Or The Natural Dharmic Animism of Animals & Our Future Without Mother Earth

Animals practice dharma animism and have mastered esp and telepathy. It is humans that have sacrificed the connection to the divine for easy food, in this we have strayed towards the sky, away from the earth mother

We have strayed from the divineness of the earthen spirit, but we reach towards the sky and to higher. On this path however it seems as if all hope is lost, man is lost and spiritually dead. Here we are now, this is whats happening

I believe we will get there though

We say; “how do these birds keep formation? how do they know? how do these fish know?” Because they are more spiritual than we are, they are divine beings, connected to the earth mother. To reach the stars we must abandon the earth mother, is it worth it? I do not know

I do know that there is no stopping this desire, this drive. For perhaps this drive is that of the earth mother itself, man birthed from the spirit of the earth mother, imbued into hominids, to reach the stars

For it is known that earth is living, earth is spirit, but even earth is bound by its own limitations as an entity just as man is as a man. Perhaps man is the conduit for which earth propagates itself, severing its connection akin to the severing of an umbilical cord

Is man the sperm of earth meant to propagate the cosmos, to bring with them the animals and plants, what is terraforming if not the earth infecting other planets? Perhaps I can see how man could be this conduit, the sperm of gaia

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