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2014, Gamergaters, Redditors, 8channers, and The Collective Cringe of all Aforementioned

I'm going to give you the REAL timeline, newfriend


  • - Gamergate starts on v
  • - Spreads to pol
  • - Spreads to Reddit
  • - Gets b& on Reddit
  • - MASS Redditors migrate to v
  • - Gets b&
  • - Migrates to pol
  • - Gets b& & pol deleted
  • - Migr8 to 8chan

8chan was ALWAYS reddit as FUCK, just EDGY reddit.

For a brief moment when pol was remade after the invaders had left to 8chan pol seemed good. This predicated the 2016 election but as if the day Trump got elected a massive wave of Redditors descended on pol. From every edgy subreddit getting banned on Reddit, pol swelled with ppl

8chan was always cancer after the GG migration, before that it was barely used. The type of people who identified as them were like polrejects for being low IQ reddit type hylics. Gone was the old culture of pol, arose this new low IQ culture, the kind to fall for QAnon

lest we forget, let we forget.

You can ALWAYS tell a newfag because they think that there was an 'exodus' of people from 4chan to 8chan, when in reality it was just the Redditors who got kicked out of Reddit and then kicked out of 4chan for being fucking cringe Redditors

Ever since this point 8chan has always just been edgy reddit for redditors who cant handle 4chan (its too fast, people shitpost too much, people are too ironic, waa waa im new to the internet, waa im old) and so they put stake in Reddit, no wonder they're all Qboomers

Redditors have a very insidious way of never understanding their behaviour and why it isnt welcome, whether its a right-wing or a left-wing one, for some reason right-wing Redditbrains also dont' think they're Redditors, despite likely being introduced to Reddit from /r/4chan

Despite being introduced to 4chan from /r/4chan I mean. This is so common though, they will be like haha no I'm not a redditor. Redditors are dumb libtards. *Is on reddit all day* haha I love reading these Redditors get BTFO on Reddit

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