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The Perfidious Origins of the Word 'Gender'

One of the most controversial topics on Left vs Right that makes everyone involved act like a low IQ troglodyte.

Right say “Gender = Sex!” Left say “Gender = Social Construct”

Who is right? Let's find out!

To first look into this question, we must first find the origins of the word. So what does 'Gender' mean?

“late Middle English: from Old French gendre (modern genre ), based on Latin genus ‘birth, family, nation’. The earliest meanings were ‘kind, sort, genus’ and ‘type or class of noun, etc.’ (which was also a sense of Latin genus ).”

It seems 'genus' and 'gender' both have the same root, but that doesn't mean that gender means genus of course as gender is a Germanic word before 'genus' was added to our lexicon via Scientific Latin. So what the Germanic word mean?

The Oxford Etymological Dictionary of the English Language of 1882 defined gender as kind, breed, sex, derived from the Latin ablative case of genus, like genere natus, which refers to birth.

Well case closed, so it means sex right? Well not so fast

Both words mean “kind”, “type”, or “sort”. They derive ultimately from a widely attested Proto-Indo-European (PIE) root gen-, which is also the source of kin, kind, king, and many other English words.

Seems like etymology won't help, what about heuristically? How was this word used?

Well up until the 1970s (we'll get to this later) the word and not only that but the CONCEPT itself was used wholly as a grammatical rule. Well case closed, social construct right? Well… no

As a 'grammatical rule' what does that mean? Die der das, la las le, that sort of thing? Sorta but you're missing a metaphysical aspect to it, what mean?

“According to Aristotle, this concept was introduced by the Greek philosopher Protagoras”

So what were grammatical rules of gender? There are two sexes so there are two genders, right? They are;

  • - Masculine
  • - Feminine
  • - Neuter

So three, but there are only two biological sexes, right? Whats neuter?

On first thought one might think neuter is the lack of masculine and feminine, so this is for innanimate objects right? Case closed.

Not so fast, neuter as a grammatical concept is a 50/50 split between masculine and feminine.

The proof is right there, neutered. A neutered man is a half man, a neutered female is a half female. In ancient times ones 'Gender' was associated solely with ones fertility and whether that fertility was masculine or feminine energy

This is the same concept as Yin/Yang which are Feminine and Masculine energy respectfully. In many eastern philosophy the state of synergy between Yin/Yang ie being neutered is the ideal state

So tldr. Gender comes from fertility and the action of that fertility divived into masculine and feminine but also ones lack thereof or the sum of two, in so being neuter.

So where did the association with 'Gender' and 'Sex' meaning biological sex, come from?

You've all heard of the story of John Money who tried to raise a castrated male as a girl right?

The boy eventually ended up killing himself.

So this guy, the guy who did that experiment, is the person that first introduced the concept of grammatical sex and biological sex being interlinked.

So gender meant masculine, feminine, or neuter energy, in a grammatical or abstract sense.

Then gender is linked with sex and the term 'gender roles' which are a social construct, this is true but they are RELATED to sex, are coined and associated with biological sex.

Then in textbooks and literature the they start changing the word 'Sex' to 'Gender' and an entire generation of people are raised with the idea that Sex and Gender are synonyms, think back to school, did they say sex or gender? For me 100% gender, never sex.

Then you have on one side 'woke' people who see this, and say that “gender isn't sex, and gender is a social construct!” The first part is true, gender is not sex, but when they are saying 'gender is a social construct' what they are saying is biological sex is a social construct

At least this is what the majority of them are talking about, you will find scurried in the mixes some who actually understand what they are talking about, but they don't matter because they don't represent the majority of this hivemind.

So lets recap;

  • - sex = biological sex
  • - gender = grammatical or abstraction of fertility or yin/yang energies
  • - gender+ = introduced in 1950s embraced by feminist theory in 1970s meant to be conflated with sex and then destroy the idea of sex

So is gender a social construct? Well yeah its a grammatical concept

Is biological sex a social construct? No it will never be, sorry to say. Is there nuance to biological sex, yep sure is, intersex people do exist, but they're like 0.001% of people.

Are historical priestly eunuchs the tr%!ns of today? A fair percentage, many are just following trend or brainwashed by porn though. But many of those historical 3rd gender are just femboys or masculine men with an inner harmony of yin/yang energy.

It's not black & white so when you debate a tr%!n or leftie and say “NO YOUR GENDER IS MALE IDIOT!!!” you're wrong actually (which is why they dont concede that they're wrong, this is a losing argument).

On the topic of gender, the fact that they argue with this level of sophistry means that they are correct, they do in fact embody the feminine ideal (YIN!)

If you are the embodiment of the masculine gender (remember gender is not biological sex, its an abstract) is it not the ultimate display to acknowledge that an opponent you're arguing with is in fact, a spiritual woman?

Oh right, I forgot the bulk of “the right” are spiritual liberals who are rebelling against their parents, but still have all their moralities and ideals internalised just opposite which makes you an ANTI-LIBERAL not a TRAD OR REACTIONARY

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