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On Transgender Name-Changes & Becoming a Ghost

“Learn more about True Name… banks to let people use their chosen names”

Your True Name isn't the one your parents gave you, but the one you choose for yourself.“

This is a WIN for anonymity and any other take is COLD.

Push for transgender laws making name changes easier and private and require less and less paperwork.


Oh boohoo🚂s make it ez for everyone to legally change their names for no reason whenever they want in states like Washington and Oregon.

In a state with no laws like this there will be assloads of paperwork for name changes. With laws and shit like what mastercard is pushing you could essentially exploit this and become a ghost.

  • - i am trans let me change my name and gender
  • - gets all stuff changes
  • - go across the border to the other state
  • - i am a female and i am MTF respect me BIGOT let me change my name and gender
  • - picks name John Smith

You are now a ghost congratulations.

[Originally posted Nov 8th, 2019]

Addendum: Did you know that in most states if you change your name you have to make it public record? You typically have to put something in the local newspaper and it will always be in the registry… well guess what loophole can bypass this?

Not in all, but in some states like the aforementioned Washington, you do not need to go through any hoops to change your name and they PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY instead of it having to be on public record like is normally the case, you can essentially become legal ghosts

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