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On Hauling Rocks & Chopping Wood or "Why Gyms are a Ripoff and Probably Homosexual"

Your ancestors used to cut down trees build houses for children travel miles hauling rocks to erect monuments YOU go to gym and pull on pullies while listen to podcast and spotify playlists while looking @ self. you are GAY!!!!

“this is modern r*%@#$@#, if i live their lives i'd do what they did… if they lived my life they'd do what i do” - Anonymous

This is the utmost cope! You waste your precious vril on narcissism and tell yourself it is physical fitness, vril is meant be invested for yourself and your future selves not squandered on looks. Muscle once sign of achievement and manifestation now a commodity

What good is getting super muscly do for your ancestors if you are wasting all that energy in gym? What are you creating? What are you manifesting? Men got ripped doing things for their families and communities, now you get ripped while “mirrin” and listening to podcast. GAY!!!!!

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