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The Ascetic Case for Hedonistic Overindulgence

Have you noticed how interesting it is the faux ascetics talk of drugs as if they are completely at their whims? Wouldn't then the most ascetic thing to be to overindulge and then keep composure? A man can be a monk sober, what about while always drunk? What of him?

Is it not a feat to conquer mind and matter despite such a self inflicted handicap? Is the drunk monk not more admirable than the sober? Both equally with as much as mastery over themselves as each other

Seems like a cope for people who don't even have mastery of themselves sober

An example of this is zun, can anyone deny his feats of his so called asceticism? Drunken, too

They must be called spirits for a reason, no?

Basically what I'm saying is that the people who sperg off about this stuff don't have their third eyes open thus they have 'bad trips' on stuff like lsd and psilocybin. Actual shamans were tripping 24/7 yet they had full control? It wasn't a trip, it was life

Never trust ppl who say they have awful trips on lsd and lose their minds. They're not fully awake

You can tell when you're speaking to someone's subconscious mind (elevated to meta conscious through third eye being awake) vs their conscious (more properly called the unconscious mind) mind.

This last tweet is especially hard to verbalise in a way that people who aren't awake but could be made awake will understand, but if you're awake I think you'll get it

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