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On Saturn, The Hexagon, The Cube, & The Unfolded Cross

While this profile may rail against christianity i would like to mention 1 thing on the CROSS

- the CROSS is an UNFOLDED cube - the CUBE represents SATURN bc HEXAGON - the HEXAGON on SATURN is a HEX - so the CROSS is breaking FREE of this CUBE



However most (literally almost ALL) christians inadvertently channel to the exact forces that keep them in bondage

And NO, saturn is NOT hell but saturn DOES have a hex on it and SOMEHOW power is fed to it how? IDK READ NEXT TWEET

Look, I get it. You're too rational for this, I don't care if you believe me, but what you can believe is that people with a looot of power believe this. The saturniancosmology stuff I posted? Look up Velikovsky, the guy he quotes and see famous people mentioning him

These theories along with electric universe are wellll known in the upper echelons of the likes of silicon valley, hollywood cabal, israeli khazars, and all the bohemian grove people & masons. They OPENLY talk about these people, spec Velikovsky…

Now what does it say about them… when they put all of these Saturn references in their logos, in their apps, in the iconography. This is not just, me like ringed planet, this is with the if not belief the KNOWLEDGE of the Saturn = Original Sun theory What does that mean?




I understand you don't believe the saturn was the original stuff, it doesn't matter. This information is not relevant based on the belief that it is true, it is RELEVANT because people with the actual reigns of the world openly and brazenly believe this

Maybe its not true, does it really matter? Personally I believe it is true, and I believe this is some of most genuine occult (hidden) knowledge there is. They genuinely believe they are powering the hex on Saturn with their rituals too

This was a ritual sacrifice





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