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On Cane Sugar and High "Fructose" Corn Syrup

It's not the food, it is the drinks. Specifically HFCS, because it has a fattening effect, either bc of something unknown about the insulin response from HFCS that differs from regular sugar, or that 'HFCS' is not regulated well enough and the sugar content is MUCH HIGHER…

If you're going to drink sugar drinks, make sure it is using Cane Sugar. Specifically Cane Sugar. 'Sugar' at least in the US is from sugar beets, and is not as bad as HFCS but in terms of fattening Cane Sugar is the least (in pop at least)…

The most healthy sugar is fructose, thats fresh from fruit. Concentrate kills any of the properties that interact with the fructose in the plant to actually increase your metabolism to help you burn weight quicker, clinical lab rat studies showed that rats who were given as much food as they wanted and as much sugar as they wanted split into the (control, sugar, hfcs, and fructose from juice) showed the sugar and hfcs gaining weight, the fructose losing weight despite increasing its caloric intake, and the control staying the same

bit of a tanget, and not really replying to the OP but just important to know bc sugar is a very confusing topic with a lot of red herrings stop drinking pop and NEVER drink shit with HFCS, that stuff also gives you like restless legs & shit

adding onto this; nobody has ever gotten fat from eating fruits (credit to one of my mutuals grandparents for this quote)

and if i cant make this any more clear for ppl reading this HFCS IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF OBESITY

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