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On Hormones, Hierarchy, & Himbos

The male hierarchy is a is as follows 1. High T Males 2. High E Males 3. Low T Males

Internal male hierarchy is intracompetitive just as internal female hierarchy is a high t loser beta might not get girls but he can still mog eunuchs who get pussy it's just math, I don't make the rules.

High E and Low T is still more dominant than low t and low e lack of hormones make an incomplete man, it doesn't matter if it's male or female hormone.

I was thinking about how cismales and transgirls have the most intense and dominating minds in online circles, but low t low e males lack and presence at all.

They have estrogenic male brains like I think you could give tons of estrogen to a fully grown stag and it would still be a stag just a different kind of stag that's never been seen before it will still do what a stag does, just different and would still be more successful mating than say… a stag with no T or E we must give HRT to stags now, tests need to be done this is of great importance.

I think the LGBT community has really squandered the idea of transgirls being girls, I think 'transwomen' are unique as males and I think they're VERY VERY interesting, bc they a lot of the time have higher estrogen than cisfemales without having periods but their brains are still developed, they still have male brains. so they're hardwired to the male reward systems and pathways, in some ways estrogen can change who you are, but the neural pathways don't change.

In a lot of ways this is like the hyper-idealised version of the eunuch of old, and I think many people squander this by just trying to be females when there's a lot more potential here than gender politics and identity issues.

I mean even the genesis of transgender theory the John Money experiments eventually concluded albeit off-the-record that you cant raise a boy as a female but if I were John Money, and I had the chance to do this research again heres how id do it;

Give them estrogen from the time they're born but raise them completely normally as a boy, and THEN see what happens I find it very likely they will never become trans, but you will perhaps end up with a David Bowie on steroids (literally)

Especially being done in this more feminine society that we live in, I think you would find they would thrive as if they were an alpha.

One of the interesting things of modernity is seeing how humans change depending on what hormones they're massfed and this isn't really being explored enough while we still have the chance to.

Can we give a stag like estrogen injections and see if it turns into a stag that wants to get fucked, or an feminine stag that lulls alphas into security and then fucks the girls behind their back.

All I want to do is live under a totalitarian regime that lacks enlightenment values that will allow me to hormonal experiments on humans and animals without people calling me a liberal or a nazi.

what's interesting about black men is that they have high estrogen levels, much higher than white men of comparable T levels natty black women have super High T, but 1 white grandpa and they have white female estrogenic level

The role that hormones play on literally every other hominid is so extremely complex and we just like to pretend none of this is relevant even though we've been in agricultural society for at least 2k years at most 10k years and the pressures are ENTIRELY different.

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