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On Grifters & Internet Hustlers or "Why Information & Culture Is Free"

I will never charge for information or culture, those that do are grifters. Grifters aren't your friends.

Is that why what we say is so true? Idk you tell me.

Thinking about this cus I'm noticing discord servers with 5x less activity than mine with no server culture to speak up with fucking patreons and making 200$ a month lmfao… these people are evil.

Hustling and culture should have never intermixed and I find it disgusting that people in our side of the aisle resort to this, but I guess it's because they're poor so they have to But isn't that a problem itself? They can be influenced by the highest bidder.

Thinking to all the great information and theories I've learned over the years and it was free, never by someone selling you a book, and if they are it's the hard cover, the entire book is online for free. That's how it should be.

This is how Karma works, your greed will be your undoing and when all is said and done people with genuine principles that have the benefit of the people in mind will prevail.

Thinking of the picture of the commoner president doing the bidding of internationals and the king refuses for he has no need for their chump change.

Even if I was homeless I'd never charge a dime, FUCK GRIFTERS.

“Anyone that needs to exploit the network to enable their access to the network doesn’t deserve the privilege of the network.” - Anonymous
“Web is for middle to upper-middle class NEETs & middle to upper-middle class NEETs alone. Life extremely online is a privilege. Not being able to support your survival on the network doesn’t mean right to exploit it by damming & selling free info-flows. It means GTFO.” - Anonymous

Addendum: Let it be known I have and will always detest grifters.

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