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Hyperborean Tradition Alive and Well

the eddas are superceded by the vedas, to which both are superceded by the ancient hyperborean tradition. these traditions are all still alive, and they are completely the same tradition, just different words it is only the christian with a christian mindset who says its dead

this pitiful rhetoric about 'paganism is dead in europe' which is functionally not true because it exists in the sami, finnish, estonians, hungarians, mari in villages all over east and far northern europe you also have the kalash people in central asia, the zoroastrians

so no 'paganism' is not dead ill give you an alegory paganism is a tree and all the roots are the different iterations of it, from norse to roman to the vedas to zoroastrianism to buddhism. some of the european roots were cut off, but the tree still remains and so do other root

hyperborean tradition was oral knowledge that was passed down it was composed of things that were not religious but simply matter of fact they looked down on writing for they thought it would corrupt the word, and as we have seen, this is true they were much wiser than we

nobody in hyperborean tradition was 'worshipping degenerate earth faries' that doesn't even make sense you should actually take a minute to understand what it is you're actually arguing against and if maybe you're mildy brainwashed

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