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On Hypermodernism, Post-Modernism, Gender, & Indoctrination

there are two biological sexes, three grammatical genders, and various 'genders' or rather `typologies' or 'breeds' that exist in men and women

sluts are a gender, concubines are a gender, whores are a gender, wives too are a gender

The issue with many of the reactionary and that is to say 'anti-progressive' stances of the common right, is that much of what is seen as 'Progressive' is just a warped neutered version of things known and understood in the Antediluvian

For instance let us take the concept of gender If you are one of the RW people who have ever thought saying there are 'Only two genders' is anything more than a cheeky and ignorant statement meant to infuriate your opponent and make them look silly, then you got meme'd

The linking of Gender→Sex is something that was pushed by the Feminist School of Thought, and the first coinage was by John Money the guy who did the raising a boy as a girl experiments and the kid ended up killing himself, that is who first started conflating Gender=Sex

Gender is grammatical, this is obvious. But it also relates to the idea of Yin and Yang, because Gender and Spirit are intertwined. So let us forget the grammatical side of things and look back to my previous thread I made a day or two prior on Yin/Yang

There I discussed how the lack of both Masculinity and Femininity is called Neuter. That's a gender. I also discussed how the overflow of both Masculine and Feminine is called Androgynous. This is a gender. The excess of one or the other is either Masculine and Feminine. Genders

So we're at 4, but at this point what we've devised a system with 4 axis. We can divide this up even more if we had the desire to, just like a political compass. Ancients understood this, quite well.

When you say things like “There are only two genders XD!” what you're doing is letting the Feminists redefine these words, you're playing with their definitions, and abiding by the rules they set to make it so that Gender and Sex were both conflated

It has been known since time immemorial that there are two sexes and I'm not sure this has ever been in debate. But what about the different types of spirits or as the moderns like to call them 'genders'? These have been known, and only lost in recent time with the Science Dogma

The biggest issue with the RW and its ability to actually cause any sort of advancement, only wallowing in the barrows of trite reactionaryism is entirely by design, I believe It completely gives the 'Left' the hands of academia, of the arts, of fucking everything

Then what happens; your kids get educated in public school, and let us be honest, some of us on here might get out of this and I myself plan to, I dont want them to, but for many of you this is what will happen, and you need to be prepared for this

Your kids will be indoctrinated into whatever new shit, their lexicon will slowly be shifted. Just like they started to conflate Sex and Gender to mean the exact same thing, they will conflate other things to make them mean something else, controlling language allows them power

My point here is that by allowing yourself to fall into the mindset of to 'Reject Progression' and to 'Reject Postmodernism'(Outdated in 2020, mb Hypermodernism?) the issue here is that you completely cede the issues that get taught on school, propagated on television

You're just handing it all over, all the mechanisms of psychological control, you're giving it to them on a silver platter, and you will wonder why your grandkids think you're a fucking maniac

Instead of rejecting them and embracing reactionaryism, I hate to be repetitive and quote this so often but “Tradition is the worship of fire, not the preservation of ash” and the entire Reactionary movement is this worship of ash

Take these Hypermodern concepts that are permeating our social culture now, and type them in your own unique ways. Are you too stupid to form categorisations of aesthetics in your brain? Have you ever made a 'x gf' meme? Are you sentient?

For instance, my thread before about the different genders that females can be 'Slut, wife, whore, concubine“. This is working within the initial observations, but unpozzing it Its very simple, and this is the issue that so many fail to see that they can do this too, EZ

Most all of the 'liberal' (and I use this entirely in the concept of the so called american liberal) things being pushed today in some ways are actually half right Abortion for instance, people on the right decry it for being murder. Yes it is murder, its also eugenics.

The instant reaction to just reject everything postmodern is very low IQ and it purposefully makes everything that you do unable to permeate with any sort of cultural significance

Take MillionDollarExtreme, their entire type of comedy is entirely Postmodern, and this is why Sam Hyde and comedians and people like him have had so much success.

You literally cannot win any sort of cultural war by rejecting the popular permeating culture, I hate to say it but even Nick Fuentes has in a way managed to hijack postmodernism in such a way that lets him push his ideals, bc his posturing and whole shtick is very postmodern

These are the kinds of people you want to take example from if you actually want your ideas to permeate, you cannot just be some sperg that spergs out over everything, if you couldn't make it in the most seediest parts of the world or of the internet, you're not cut out for life

There are so many more examples than just the ones listed here of postmodern cultural concepts that are completely dominated by the left but which could be SO EASILY co-opted and DOMINATED by people on this camp, if only people didnt revile so easily at postmodernism

Even more so than that, the most important thing to do is to try and depozz as much as possible. The negative consequences of the 2016 election on the dissident right in terms of being swamped by people who claim to be RW but are just dumb liberals cannot be understated

There is so much infectious psychological behaviour that has been adopted by the right, it needs to be unlearned as brutally as possible, and then offensive measures taken to reclaim your race's spiritual integrity The 'left' only controls the culture bc we let them

And honestly this message isnt even just directed at whites, thats why I said 'your' and not 'our' Anyone that wants their race to prosper and be sovereign is a fellow traveler in my eyes, and everyone's racial soul is damaged heavily by this soulless capitalistic culture

We are all severely affected by it in different ways from every level of society, its a permeating cultural takeover that is top down, nair is safe nor Kings nor CEOs nor Presidents

All folk in the world are effected by this suffocating grip of globalism at the hands of international banksters, that is the real 'left' vs 'right'. Do you support the global international financial system, if yes. You're not on my side, if no, congrats you're on my side

No matter left or right if you want the slavery of the international financial system to collapse and be replaced by [SOMETHING], then we are friends we are fellow travelers, one day we might be enemies, but right now we are not

White Nationalists will find they have a lot more in common than they would think with the Socialists in for instance the Bernie Camp… if they were a little open minded Both would be surprised I think, on how much they'd agree

To anyone who's been paying attention long enough tho, this is all obvious, but still nothing has changed It is as if people have fogotten how the National Socialist party was founded from the Socialist Party

A union of both lefty socialists and righty nationalists, both exposed to and grown up in the same culture, both who both recognise and identity their common enemy; ᛄᛖᚹᛁᛋᚻ ᚳᚪᛈᛁᛏᚪᛚ

They recognise the danger of this happening, and for this reason they keep people as divided as possible, left vs right Every single class besides the ᛄᛖᚹᛁᛋᚻ Bourgeois is divided, and made to hate and despise eachother on whatever differences that they can find

I don't hate my folk, whether they be left or right. I try to find the good in every single person, even if they're some crazy ᛏᚱᚪᚾᚾᚣ or some deranged groyer poster or somewhere in between those two, folk is folk and idk about you but I feel an actual connection to my folk

Bc of this I cant deal with partisanism, if you can you're a fucking bug person Family vs family is never okay, and if you're the kind of person who could forsee a yourself disowning a family member over political/moral/philosophical differences you're a deranged bug person

If U want to be based then remind urself every single day that George Lincoln Rockwell and Malcom X were friends and shared a common enemy Remember that the National Socialist German Worker's Party was preceded by the German Worker's Party

and btw when I say the left I don't mean like marxists or socialists or anything like that, I mean people who want to uphold international finance and who work in the benefit of the ᛄᛖᚹᛁᛋᚻ bourgeoisie simple as

(left/right dichotomy is really low iq)

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