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On Idols, Respect, Personas, & Attachment

While I often talk about the idea of “not getting attached to personalities” and “not having idols”… these concepts are seldom understood in their totality.

What this really means is understanding that those that you idolise are channeling the unconscious and that worshipping the man himself who is nothing but a conduit leaves to extremely vulnerably psychologically and spiritually.

For many people they wish to become like someone with the idea behind it that that person is unique unto them, which on a superficial level is true, but they are simply an expression of this universal unconscious.

For me I respect people, I will read what they have to say and treat them as if they are my friend. there are people with traits that I admire, not envy. To idolise other people, to worship other people, to get attached to 'personas' is to be a complete slave to your ego.

I think there is a healthy way to have inspirations and people who you admire without idolising and being attached.

This wasn't about kpop, tricked ya!

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