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On High Infant Mortality & Morality

High infant mortality is the single factor that makes a moral loving society. If 3 children died before you can finally have one that grows up women wouldn't be psychotic sociopaths to their children.

Ever notice how moms who abuse their kids so much they end up dying break down and are like “I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S GONE I LOVED HIM”.

They're not acting dramatic they're actually that insane and hormonal and regret their actions. High infant mortality means high empathy and high parent to child pair bonding. (this only applies to Eurasian steppe people and other societies who are K selected btw)

Without high infant mortality women see children as a burden and never have the emotional experience that EVERY SINGLE MOTHER THROUGHOUT HISTORY has had of numerous of their infants and toddlers meeting gruesome horrific deaths.

A high infant mortality rate both encourages reproduction, promotes empathy to your kith & kin (something that has been almost entirely lost in any land where hospital births are normalised), and it weeds out the dysgenics.

Something to think about. Modernity is not all goods, even the so called untouchable and mighty 'Modern Medicine'.

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