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A Critique on IQ and the Flynn Effect

this idea that the fucking most esstential parts of our society should and are infact REQUIRED to be run by people with room temp IQ is such a strange bourgeois view that is completely divorced from reality

intelligence has never been an issue in society. tribal specialisation and therefore municipal specialisation is not correlated with IQ, do you want your blacksmith being low IQ? your ranchers? wanting to do these crafts are based on disposition, candor, personality, not IQ

In a high IQ homogenous white society people would naturally fall into their castes, you have all these low IQ preconceived notations about what a topwit is, probably from memes. Caste is NOT IQ, I don't want to keep repeating myself IQ is the mind's processing speed

People often misunderstand how IQ works, they think high IQ means you're an aristocrat, but far from it. IQ is a measure like a CPU's speed measured in GHz, except we don't actually have a precise measurement, only a detraction from the mean

IQ is processing speed, how fast your brain works. How quick you are able to recognise patterns, it has nothing to do with your spiritual or physical caste. This belief is nonsensical and not grounded in reality, and comes from a strange misunderstanding of what IQ is.

It is not possible to measure the change of IQ, because IQ is a quotient. The mean will always be 100. The Flynn effect posits faultily that IQ is actually increasing, however common sense will tell you otherwise.

In the Pre-Victorian days and Feudal Europe in general, it was an IQ powehouse. There were constant pressures on IQ. For instance, the average IQ of a white English man in the Victorian days would have been 135IQ today, yet in his day he would've been an average 100IQ

Take a Victorian man of common stock today, and be shocked as he effortlessly qualifies for a membership to MENSA, and be even more surprised when he does not even know how to read!

To solve mysteries today it takes a room of what would have been 50 Victorian midwits (geniuses of today) to solve mysteries that would have only taken only 5 geniuses of the day

Technological process has slowed down and it continues to science is in a big crisis with replication, even engineering is starting to get seemingly worse Is it imcompetance? Is it bc we out source? Or is it simply because IQ is not being bred for anymore like it once was?

This is why it is so silly for people who today find themselves in such a 'topwitted' position to fancy themselves intellectual, for they are simply the midwits dare I say even the dimwits if transplanted mere 200 years ago. This should be humbling

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