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On IQ Horseshoe Theory, Genius Famine, Midwits & Fate of the Yugas

Its not really a new concept too and is actually an extremely common literary trope with a topwit and a dimwit being led by a midwit who is always wrong.

If you read “genius famine” it references how if iq wasnt a quotient we've lost on average 20-40iq points in the west in 200 years due to dysgenics via the industrial revolution.

The majority of whites used to have the same mental capacity as those we today consider 'topwits' as people with IQs of over 140 though with how IQ works if they were tested back then they would have scored as average, not as a genius

This is obvious but its important to make clear that we are getting dumber and dumber and our processing speeds in our brains are getting progressively shorter and shorter.

I believe this must be the fate of all societies and once the midwit takes over marks the kali yuga for any age in any cycle for any people.

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