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On The Danger of Neolithic Supremacy ft. Jarawa

Imagine having a natural paleolithic diet living off solely of meat and whatever fruit and vegetables you can reasonably find on a remote tropical jungle and your teeth are lookin Smile Direct Club… yall know anything about this? WHO DID THIS???

This is the physique that man is meant to have, observe the abs of this native indigenous SAVAGE. He has NO gym membership, and his wife does ALL the chores.. for him he simply hunts!

Hmm… interesting. He does not 'beat' his wife… nor does he think she is a useless cum rag for 'breeding' purposes… he LOVES his wife and respects her as a literal integral part of society. Hm, interesting. These savages have a lot to learn about how useless women are!

Is it not so surreal how much of a plague Neolithism is? It is the year 2020 and Neolithic Australoids are turning Paleolithic Australoids into human zoos, and somehow, all of this is White People's fault, though interestingly enough not in the eyes of the Jarawa, it is the Indian.

If you turn all of the White hate on the left into Neolithic hate maybe some of the things that they say are simply, not 'too' crazy Neolithic ppl do be colonisers doe.

The more I think about it the more it is literally true that almost every critique of 'wypipo' is true when looked at it from the context of 'wypipo' meaning 'Agent of Neolithism', in this case for the Andamanese Australoids, the 'wypipo' are black as coal Dravidians Funny that.

They literally all seem like they're on opium with how happy and well balanced they are, being a Paleolithic man living off of the land seems to be a genuine constant religious experience, the way they talk is very indicative of this This is man at his best.

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