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On Blood Elves, High Elves, and Khazars

Khazars are the blood elves to the aryan High Elves. The bastard race born unto a Babylon Whore and a Khazarian Cuck, spawned from avarice and greed. Their children were then raised on the talmud, and their kids too. So long they've forgot their Paternal roots, they're anti-Aryan

The Khazar cannot exist without the Aryan, it is true that they are Aryans but it is also true they are not, they're a bastard. The name Ashkenaz is true and denotes their Khazarian-Gothic roots, (where do you think they got the tree of life from?) but it is a grave insult

It is truly a shame that a group of Aryans really were so destroyed by the parasite of babylonian whores, but this is what happened and we can't ignore it by saying that they're actually semites Aryanism is Paternal, not Maternal, they are Aryan and also Talmudic Jews

Due to inbreeding which has solidified their genetic clade as unique they have made themselves functionally not white, the fact of their origins still remains though and it cannot be ignored Call them what they are, Khazars

Without the Aryan to leech, the Khazar would simply be nothing, unable to exist. Take the Negro, put him anywhere not too , and surely he will be able to thrive. Take an Inuit and place him anywhere, surely he will survive. Take a white man, watch him miraculously build states

But take a Khazar and place them on an island, and you will not see them survive, nor prosper, nor create. A Maternal culture effects a lot more than just how ethnicity is determined, but the entire premise of ingroup cohesion They would all likely kill each other, then starve.

They are a tumor, a cancerous Aryan tumour chilling remnant of our past, infected by this WHORE of babylon that feeds upon its paternal line. If u hav ever seen an aryan male cuck whos wife is an absolute shebat non-white whore, imagine an entire race of these people, the Khazar

in talmudic babylonian judaism, jewishness is passed down on the matrilineal line, the reason the khazars likely converted was because the jewish delegate sent jewish women along, while the islamic, catholic, and orthodox ones did not whores of babylon

Khazars were forced to stop being pagan and were sent delegates from the abrahamic faiths

Why would they be Turkic? They're on the Ostrogothic, Scythian, and Yamnaya homeland

The amount of Khvetching and instant rejection of this idea or simply breaking and adhomming the idea because of those who associate with its red herrings is tellings A similar experience with subjects relating to Saturn, is it evil? Is it good? Lot more complex than that

The inability for people to even comprehend the basic nuance of this, especially considering Khazaria was one of the three most powerful and important empires of their time and peoples complete non-understanding of these events is cause to suspect trickery, I think

Wonder why the Rothschild adjacent babies had such a blood feud over the Tsars… no way they could have a blood feud since the fall of Khazaria though haha

Well its not like Khazars have any sort of relation to Zionism, right?

Was there Jewish Khazar diaspora? Oh wait, there was. INTERESTING!!!!!! Seems like it wasn't very hard for them to disperse all over the trading routes very quickly!

One thesis held that the Khazar Jewish population went into a northern diaspora and had a significant impact on the rise of Ashk Jews. Connected to this thesis is the theory, expounded by Paul Wexler, that the grammar of Yiddish contains a Khazar substrate.

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