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On The Petit Bourgeois & Why Landlord is a Misnomer

Take it from me, landowning is not a means to money, it is a means to power. If it is your only means for power, then you have no power. If you cannot keep your land operating at a loss indefinitely like a true Baron, you are NOTHING. You own NOTHING, you are a bankslave

If your tenets not paying rent for a few months let alone years would be enough to bankrupt you, maybe you aren't in the right business, maybe go to Phoenix Institute You're nothing but a middle man between you and the bank, these people are landlords they're landburgs

These people aren't landLORDS, they're landBURGS*

Seriously there is nothing lordful about being the attack badger for the bank, you think you've found yourself in high society bc you have good credit and agreed to extort citizens for housing on behalf of the banks? The only tax a Lord has to pay is his property taxes

If you're paying a mortgage, hoa dues, apartment dues, or anything like this; YOU'RE POOR!!!! You're not a Lord, you're not a landlord! There's nothing aristocratic about you You are a landburg, you're a middling burgher who has convinced the bank to be a capo, GOOD 4U.

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