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Why You Shouldn't Hate Your Tribal Kin and the Pathology of Submission

i have personally witnessed multiple Trans-Girls of aristocratic blood detransition by becoming englightened to the existence of Dommy Mommies and then they simply stop being gay

pretty sure a lot of these people just want to be nurtured, not actually trans the more i think about it the more i realise that the reason black urban youths join gangs is the same reason blueblooded white youths get swamped into the🏳️‍⚧️cult

and the same reason people who realise that the gang is bad for them stay in it because theres nothing else for them is the same reason people stay trans even years past the point of realising that its unhealthy and that they were delusional and groomed

ive spoken personally to a fair number of people like this and the reason they stick with it is because they truly believe there is no other way they will ever be loved or nurtured the blackpill for many of them is that this is true

i think much of the anti-gay hate is also well poisoning of sorts, like 'once ur lgbt… u can never be a nationalist' sort of psyop its very cultlike and dumb low iq rwers being like “FUCK GAY PPL LETS HANG EM ALL WOOO” when the ppl they hate are bourgeoisie sadistic homos

in any weird sadistic subculture the 'sub' of said subculture are usually much easier to 'rehabilitate' as they're more often than not weak willed people who get groomed into them a true 'submissive' is the likes of a powerbottom, straight or gay

i dont really mean submissive as sexual though, and in this context powerbottom refers not to a sexual position but a manner of attitude i have met truly submissive people before, but they are not the majority of seemingly submissive men

they mistake learned helplessness with submissiveness and others around them prey on this weakness and groom them into subculture cults its for this very reason that there is much more nuance to the dark depravities of many of these subcultures and it is not black & white

i really cant sympathise with anyone who doesnt feel empathy to people caught up in depraved subcultures abusing them when they're clearly not one of the sadistic abusers

i typed 'people' but i actually meant to type 'folk', though people applies here too id be lying if this empathetic urge that i get to help people is present when its other races i still feel sympathy for them though usually, but not the burning desire to help them

i think people are very little brained and close minded when they dont understand this, they think just being hateful is going 2 solve anything, we get it u dont like minorities or something. i dont care, stop being a loser. in their hearts all races want to be left alone

people do this with subcultures too, rw twitter has a massive issue with accepting that they're the victims of something greater, the word victim has been poisoned so much that the rw will do anything to preserve 'optics', any mention of wrongdoings towards our folk is 'liberal'

the hardest part about waking people up to this is that most of what this side of politics or consciousness says is right, but then it gets a bunch of hate or fuel added to it all those accts that post about jews and white genocide all day are psyops

they are only into politics because it makes them feel powerful or bc they harbour deep seated emotional anger towards a section of society they irrationally blame for their wrongdoings

this is the failings of the 'redpilled' they are blinded by hate and insecurities in the same manner as the left, they spout half-truths and then their official narrative, being careful to never stray too far past the official dogma and official subdogma

and so many people will just buy that shit up… the reality is a lot different and if you never throw urselves into the depths of this depravity of the kali yuga, to actually ride it, not passively observe it from the sidelines pretending thats 'riding it out'.. dont be stupid

bc the meme reality that is displayed on twitter or 4chan or reddit or w/e everywhere online is so dissociated from reality, as dissociated from reality as igstars are. all facets of IRL vs RL are like this now

some parts of the 'underworld' are so much worse and underplayed than u could imagine, but in the same regard so much is overplayed to such hateful levels when in reality it is a lot less bad and perhaps deserving of empathy

you are not immune to propaganda

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