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Why Self-Sustainability is Pisseasy and The Superiority of Maximalculture over Monoculture or "Chickens, goats, mealworms and tubers oh my!"

Farm life is one of the easiest things in the world to be self sufficient, as ive come to realise in the past year outing to the rural world. Chickens are easy as FUCK to take care of and CHEAP AS FUCK u do NOT need to cage them, just let free range. Potatos and shit are EAAAASY

You can grow so many things so easily from the grocery store its like the simplest little investment and u can just stack it on. So much shit will grow like weeds if ur in the right area give me my own 3 acres for maybe a year and ill have enough food to feed myself for 10yrs EZ.

Potatos, green onions, yams, garlic, all types of onions really. Go to whole foods or like sprouts or earth faire the stuff there is usually still alive u can literally just plant it. Love it maybe ill go take a picture of my yam man.

Recently aquired a 60 acre plot. Interested in biodynamic agriculture. Tips, resources, and requests appreciated.

If you want to do it right you will want to ferment a genuine ecosystem on this 60 acre plot and make sure that only YOU and ur doggies are the only predators on it

Grow stuff all over, dont grow it in a neolithic line, grow it everywhere. Try and create bush essentially, dont just plant 1 thing plant lots of things native and edible in your area plant stuff that will attract non-invasive bugs that your chickens can eat

If you cant keep cows because there isnt enough land, keep goat or sheep they dont take up as much and will be able to graze, they eat more than just grass so make sure that the vegetative part of your farm is green enough to not desertifiy the land

If its just you id say get 2 goats a male and a female get the female pregnant and start getting her milk and making it into cheese or kefir. For the chickens they should be safe and able to free gaze, if predators are out make sure they're in at night every night

And in an enclosed space and lock them up you'll have to do this every night an electric fence could help with this, they're relatively inexpensive but id recommend getting a professional to install it so you dont accidentally kill yourself

I would get hunting cameras to catch wildlife and other funny stuff on your property, if you're in the midwest likely you'll just have to deal with coyotes and bobcats

Bamboo is really easy to grow, so i would get some and propagate that along your fence lines if you live in like florida weather type area, if u dont i would reccomend vines to wrap around fences. This provides an easy natural long lasting barrier to simple metal fence

Chickens dont really need to be taken care of past the bare minimum and you're still being saintly to them honesty compared to factory farms. Dont feel the need to hyperclean their coop they're just chickens but it is a good idea to clean them out every few weeks

Just remember in factory farms they literally never do this, and thats why diseases spread. If youre letting them free range they will do all of that outside of their cage except at night, you can make a coop with a fence around it that allows them to walk around a lil bit

And then open that gate to allow them to pasture range in the morning when you let them out, this would also solve any sort of nastyness that will occur in the coop and wont expose them to the elements

There are plenty of youtubers online who do this sort of thing and are completely self sufficient i implore you to watch them they offer very valuable resources in regards to permaculture and animal husbandry

tldr; make your land an ecosystem that is self-sustaining even if you go away

Do not fall into the low iq mindset of strip farm mentality, you want an ECOSYSTEM

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