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Discourse On Metaphysical Materialism or "The Sea Reflects the Sky!"

If physics and metaphysics are the same as in the physical and spiritual or metaphysical world are the same, as in both recursive expressions of each other, then what is the argument against materialism?

“You've just made one of the arguments, which is there's no fundamental “matter” which is what materialism is predicated upon.” - Anonymous

If we dissect materialism to its base forms and apply the logic of recursive metaphysicality/physicality then is the subjugation of the material not a spiritual expression? is every material interaction not that of the spiritual?

“Keyword in quoted tweet is 'fundamental' - no material *base* as such, just infinitely regressing oscillations between as-spiritual and as-material” - Anonymous

I think you're missing my point, I'm not arguing for the commonly accepted idea of materialism but a 'materialism' which springs from the acceptance of there being no fundamental basis for reality and the false duality of reality and meta-reality.

“Thank you for clarifying. I think 'the argument' becomes a moot point here, since 'and thus materialism' is basically a piece of moral semantics; the 'and thus ___' is, analogously, the same as that which it 'springs' from. if that makes sense.” - Anonymous

My reason for thinking about this was from 10.121 via R.V.:

“Through Conscious Desire We have invoked all Things. Let us then become the Master of All Things!”

This is materialism, not in the orthodox meaning of the word, but it is, no?

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