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On Midwit as an Insult

Midwit was never an insult, and you're obviously a midwit if you think this. Midwit has always been a classification like calling a poor little piss crybaby an INFP or something It's a classification, not an insult. The insult comes from insecurity of the classified.

The midwit classification meme was always 'dimwit and topwit agree for different reasons' and 'midwit has the most popular opinion' But the classifications themselves remained true.

The midwits have never taken to just saying that topwits are actually just dimwits for reaching same conclusions, they just screech about 'you're calling yourself a topwit!!! you're not smart!!!', when nobody ever claimed they were intelligent or smart.

From a midwit perspective you could just see the schtick as saying that intelligent people and dumb people agree on the same things, so therefore they're both dumb, because they both lack common sense, which those in the middle have.

Thats a stupid argument but one I am surprised I've never seen a midwit fully expand upon, though once I recall a midwit saying something similar to 'hurr durr im stupid so im a topwit' but that was where it ended.

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